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Behavior tracking

Track Behavior in the Message, on Website and Offline (bonus cards, promo codes etc.) Personalization of the client is the guarantee of your long-term and mutually beneficial relations.

Tracking allows you to get information about your subscribers and optimize communication with them. eSputnik provides an opportunity to track the behavior of the client in the message, after his visit to the website and offline (by bonus cards, promotional codes etc.)
The email tracking statistics help to understand what needs to be improved in it. At each stage — delivery, reading, action — you need to monitor the results. Say, if the open rate is low, then you need to reformulate the subject or the name of the sender. Sometimes this can be a sign of the reputation deterioration. If the email has low conversion rate, it's worthwhile to work on the content. If there is a high unsubscribe rate, then the audience is chosen incorrectly.
Also we provide you with a click-through rate report, including data on repeated visits to your website. Tracking the click-through rate is possible by two parameters: the total number of clicks and the number of unique clicks. The first number is increasing if the same recipient clicks the link several times. The second number shows how many different people click the link.
The layout of the message is shown the location of the links in the email and their effectiveness. Clicks map gives visual information and allows you to analyze which part of the email works better, and what kind of CTA attract the most attention from recipients.
Through the integration with Google Analytics, we provide an opportunity to supplement your statistics with information about the clicks from your SMS, Viber, Web-Push and Email messages. The report will indicate from which message and when the click was made. eSputnik does all settings of UTM-labels automatically. You don't have to change anything in your messages, just put a "tick" in your company profile. If necessary, you can set your own additional parameters.
Another way to learn more about your customers is web tracking. Using a special script, we analyze the behavior of an individual visitor of the site to find out about his preferences.
Anything that can be interesting to the client can be offered to him through various channels: in the block of recommendations on the website, in emails, SMS and Viber messages, in Push notifications. For example, you can offer bestsellers from the category of products that the site visitor was interested in. Attracting potential customers at a time when they are actively looking for a particular product is a low-cost but highly effective marketing technique.
We can use information not only about the behavior of the client on the Internet (in an email and on the site) but also about his offline history. For example, we get information about a revisit to a restaurant, the use of a promotional code or discount card, a visit to an event or a call to a call center. External events are passed to the system via the API using the Event method. The Event method can be configured to pass absolutely any event, on the basis of which we want to change the flow in the distribution scenario.
eSputnik can help you significantly (twice or more) to increase the number of authorized sessions on your website. We encode and pass to the URL from the letter a unique client ID. Each device used by the client (phone, tablet, PC) will be marked with a cookie when he uses it in the email. This will allow you to offer relevant content, authorize the user on the site and get the necessary information for a much larger number of visitors. Combining this technology with User ID technology will allow you to build an even more perfect marketing system with the most useful content in the newsletter and on the website.
Observe, test and analyze — tracking allows you to constantly adjust the goals and optimize the means to achieve them.

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