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API Integration

Automate your messages and integrate with your system using eSputnik REST API.

If you know, what is API, for what it is needed, probably you just need to move to a page with the technical description of our API.

A lot of people face the challenge how to quickly update contact clients database in eSputnik system, after all new clients register on site every day and you need to add them to the system manually. Why spend your time if our system can do it for you?

You want to send SMS or Email when buying a product, automatically synchronize contacts with our system, send good-looking emails about registration and accompany registration by series of emails, increasing interest, and loyalty of your company? Exactly for these, we created web-service for integration with eSputnik.

eSputnik system is equipped with special superstructure (API) for integration with your site or any other system of managing the business. API (application programming interface) allows off-site systems to receive access to account data in eSputnik without direct participation of the user.

It is necessary to configure the access to the system once using your user account in connected systems and it will provide maximal flexibility of managing contacts. Data about clients from your site, 1C, store will be automatically updated in eSputnik.

The most popular tasks, which can be solved by using our API:

  • Contact database synchronization;
  • Sending email and SMS messages, and receiving the status of results;
  • Data synchronization about sales for future segmentation;
  • Start and managing marketing companies using events.

For example, if there is subscription form on your phone, using API each new client will be automatically created in eSputnik system. At that one can indicate not only main fields when creating him, as name and phone number, but also additional fields” for example, registration date of the contact on your site or model of the purchased product.

Using API will allow you editing or deleting clients from existing contacts, receiving current data about them, carry out the search by indicated parameters. One can also send email and SMS messages to separate users or groups of contacts, choosing by certain parameters.

Our API is realized in the simplest and the most convenient way for the user. It uses light format JSON for exchanging data with the server, and also HTTP-queries mechanism. Detailed documentation is created for all features of API, also if it is necessary we will provide you with examples of code for work with API for different platforms (PHP, Java and other). Register in the system and we will send you detailed instructions. If there are no specialists for integration in your establishment – contact us, we will help you solve this problem.

Integrate eSputnik with API and switch in automatic mode those things, that now you are doing manually!

More information about the list of methods, operation principle, query and PHP code examples read here API for integration with eSputnik.

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