Advanced segmentation and personalization

Professional solution for data-based marketing

Grow effectiveness of your campaigns

eSputnik can analyze every customer’s interaction with your website and campaigns, and build an effective business model to generate maximum revenue

Automate communication from the first minute in eSputnik

We prepared workflows with the most popular recommendation blocks: Price Drop, Back in Stock, Also Bought, and others. Show your customers which products from your store work well together. By increasing the shopping experience, you increase the average check.

Create an advanced contact profile using data from different sources

Data on website behavior, mobile app activity and message activity is collected in real time. By analysing viewed products, visited website pages and email statistics, you will know your customer preferences and will be able to build more personalized communication. Use customer activity for more accurate.

Instantly respond to the customer's interest

Build dynamic segments based on updatable parameters: contact activity over a period of time, viewed items, email open rate and click rate, average check. Retaining an existing customer can cost five times less that acquiring a new one.

Convert website visitors into active customers

Track what products the customer browses for most often and send them personalized messages with these products, complementary items and accessories. Smart segmentation can turn one-time visitors into loyal audience.
Turn marketing into friendly communication
Let your customers know they are special and you always consider their needs. With eSputnik, you will turn regular bulk messages into targeted offers tailored to each particular recipient.
Individual and meaningful communication with customers
Know who you are talking to
eSputnik enables to identify 40% more users coming to your website from different channels and devices. The system matches the data with the contact from the database, even if the guest isn’t authorized.
Personalized email with relevant offers
Dynamic segments for message personalization
Build hyper-targeting segments based on user data
Send content that meets everyone's individual interests and offer items that are more likely to prompt a purchase. Use any data combinations to build lasting relationships with your customers.
Personalize everything: channels, website, pop-ups, promo codes
Send personalized recommendations in the way that is the most convenient for your subscriber
Advanced Segmentation by eSputnik makes it equally possible to use contact data in dynamic content for:
✓ Email ✓ SMS ✓ Web push ✓ Viber ✓ Mob push ✓ sites and pop-ups.
Take advantage of both triggered and promotional messages. Don't limit your communication!
Send campaigns with the right frequency at the right time
Set up personalized sending for certain segments. When customers migrate between segments, the type, frequency and time of sending will change and adapt based on their behavior. Control the customer's lifecycle stages, increase engagement, and cut contact base reduction.

More than 60,000 clients around the world rely on us to send email campaigns

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We’re very happy with our partnership with eSputnik. We use the service to send push notifications to our customers’ mobile apps. The team is very responsive and keen in helping us meet all our business objectives.
Nikita Kovalenko
Epicentr К
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Email marketing is an essential part of our business:) It helps flexibly respond to our customers' needs, thus carrying out surgical sales promotio
Andrey Tarakanov
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I like the service even more each time I use it, namely: 1. A very convenient visual email template editor. My emails finally look really good. 2. A graphic editor for building marketing workflows. It’s a blast! You can visually implement the touchpoints for my database based on different events (clicked, read, and more). 3. Detailed statistics about my subscribers with the ability to allocate a separate group of inactive readers. This is a great help for tidying up my database, which is my main task at the moment. 4. Timely technical support. Despite the fact that I ask questions via email, they get answered very quickly.
Darya Mazurina
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It’s very convenient at first sight and beyond. Email design is displayed correctly an looks neat. There are detailed reports — you can show them to your clients, you can dive in yourself, down to the contacts who haven’t clicked a link. eSputnik has fast support and a good blog with many useful tips in one place. I’ll definitely try out segmentation options upon sending emails (they look convenient). I’m also going to take a closer look at the reports, maybe I’ll ask the support team to customize some report for me, but so far there is no such need.
Darina Petrenko
Head of Marketing Department,
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In November 2016, we launched a new version of our website and chose eSputnik as our only partner for sending all kinds of emails: transactional, service and regular promotional email campaigns. At the time of the website launch, we were very pleased with the work of the support service, that promptly answered all our questions and helped us with the integration. We’re also satisfied with pricing plans — we could easily choose a suitable package for ourselves.
Oleksandr Kurdiuk
Deputy Marketing Director MEGOGO.NET
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We use eSputnik for both trigger messages, together with CRM, aimed at recurrency and cross-selling and mass mailing of promo offers for our subscr
Sergei Gordienko
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We have chosen eSputnik because of its combination of flexibility, scalability, and client-oriented approach. The most important thing for us in eSputnik system is an opportunity to follow subscribers' mood, thus adapting our actions depending on their behavior. Another important point is the maximum automation of all processes connected with email campaigns. We confidently recommend eSputnik as a reliable partner in omnichannel messaging.
Margarita Roktanen
Communication Specialist, Winner Automotive
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We learned about the service at a seminar on email marketing. For us, email marketing is a very effective tool that requires the least amount of money investment. It is convenient to work with the system. Sometimes there are difficulties with already designed emails, but the support service always quickly solves all our problems. We gladly recommend eSputnik to other companies.
Denys Arysmiatov
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It was very simple to introduce! The manual by eSputnik was simple and straightforward. The introduction process took about 7-10 minutes. The base is still growing. But it is obvious that this is a very useful tool in the future.
Evgeniy Krechetovich
Expert of marketing and advertising department Foxtrot
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Push notifications channel complements online communication with clients and expands opportunities. Due to the simplicity of the entrance, it shows a good increase in subscription at times better than regular emails. There is no sense to configure multiple platforms, because communication with clients must be multi-channel with the ability to step-action.
Sergey Shapirenko
CMO, Astratex
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The company was forthcoming by providing me with emails to send for free so that I could try the service. The prices here are not the lowest on the market, but it’s worth it. It’s like the difference between a Mercedes and some Chinese car ... The technical support is excellent! There was only one malfunction within two months of working with the service, and the problem was solved within half an hour, and the technical support staff called me back. I am happy to recommend the service to my friends and partners.
Elena Zhybul
Email Marketing Manager
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Powerful analytics was the decisive factor for us: eSputnik offers RFM + eRFM and cohort analysis right in the system interface. But a particularly important aspect for me is the team of people. They offer fantastically quick solutions to my questions / problems / tasks / etc. They not only help you with the decision, but also offer you a solution that will simplify and optimize your workflow as much as possible. This is one of the best teams I've ever collaborated with!
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8.5 out of 10
Increase sales by 37% using offline and online data
Advanced Segmentation allows the customer to receive the content they expect. And the marketer can study in detail the audience and ROI based on the activity dynamics, cohort and RFM-analysis, and other reports for each segment
Integration of behavior and sales data into a single profile will enable to:
Integration with major marketing platforms
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