Mass mailing

  • Build a beautiful message in several minutes
  • Free custom Email template design
  • High Email delivery speed
  • the first 2500 emails are free
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Mass mailing

Email Automation

  • Email Automation: Welcome messages, abandoned cart, reactivation etc.
  • Automated Emails creation
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Email Automation

Campaign scenarios

  • Intuitive drag and drop scenario editor
  • Implement various logical flows with conditional checking
  • Enable a mix of multiple channels - Email, Push, SMS etc.
  • Automatic A/B testing
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Campaign scenarios

Segmentation and analysis

  • Subscribers groups - systemic, customized, conditional
  • Automatic RFM and cohort segmentation
  • Detailed broadcasting statistics
  • CRM and CMS Integration
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Segmentation and analysis

Personalized messages

  • Automatic substitution of recipient's info in messages
  • Dynamic content
  • Tips for your e-commerce
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Personalized messages

eSputnik - Marketing Automation System

Don’t waste your time, join us!

Email marketing is the most effective tool

According to leading marketing specialists’
surveys, email marketing is
#1 at ROI


More than 18 000 companies are already doing business with us

Our clients make to 70% of
sales due to
Email distributions


We will help you to quick-start

Free layouts, text
distributions and our support —
everything for a successful take-off

Email examples which were crafted using eSputnik
  • Студия Дениса Каплунова
Our clients feedbacks

Electronic Marketing helps us in business. It helps us to respond on the customer's’ needs, organize and manage different offers. Reporting and subscribers management is important for us too.

Nova Linia

I am working with eSputnik system since recent time. However working with it during several months I have noticed that the messages level have been growth, we are getting positive clients feedback what have been influenced on our company image and sales.


Everything is user-friendly: dashboard, thin calculations, client oriented approach, professional consultations on different questions! SMS and Email broadcasts are essential to our business.

German Auto Centre
Our clients
  • ХитФМ
  • Alpen Pharma AG
  • ЕШКО
  • Avon
  • Киевстар
  • Coffee Life
  • TUI
  • Winner
  • Viasat
  • Таврия В
  • Лига Закон
  • Antonio Biaggi
  • Yakaboo
  • SunRose
  • Якитория
  • Oneclub
  • Мафия
  • Радио Рокс
  • Граю Я
  • Бартоломео
  • Sendflowes
  • Фабрика футболок
  • MD-Fashion
  • WOG
  • ЕVA
  • Фокстрот
  • 5ok
  • Игроленд
  • Новая Линия
  • OLX
  • Эпицентр
  • Allo
  • Comfy
  • Фокстрот
  • Repka
  • Shell
  • Велика Кишеня
  • Kedoff Net
  • Море пива
  • МоднаКаста
  • Каста
  • Шафа
  • Megogo
  • Coral Travel
  • Поехали с нами
  • Bigl
  • Планета Кино
  • Steko
  • MoYo
  • Pampik
  • Золотой век
  • Стилус
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21 reasons to try eSputnik right now

Are you tired of endless email creation? Bring your Email marketing to the new level with us! Start it today and order full support of you email campaigns. By signing up to eSputnik, you immediately receive free benefits for fast and effective start of your email marketing:

  1. Free email template in your web-site style according to your needs
  2. 2500 Email and 10 SMS for free system testing
  3. Subscription form and guidelines for placing it on your web-site
  4. RFM analysis of the contact base
  5. Audit of Your Email marketing