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Why Us

eSputnik is an Omnichannel Marketing Automation System for B2C

  • Generate more sales and conversions
  • Optimize the Return on Investment (ROI) of your customer retention efforts
  • Maximize the Customer Lifetime Value (LTV)
  • Save time by automating your marketing communications

Our advantages

Совмещение каналов

Cross-channel messaging: Email, SMS text messaging, Web Push, Mobile Push, Viber and more.

Engage customers with bulk and triggered emails, Viber and SMS messages, web and mobile push notifications, in-app messages and more, all in a single system.

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Надежная и скоростная доставка

Reliable and Fast Delivery in Your customer's Inbox

Get your emails delivered to your subscribers’ inbox securely and fast, thanks to intelligent spam prevention systems and the highly reliable Amazon Web Serv

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Комплексные сценарии

Behavior-Based Marketing Automation

Send personalized messages based on users’ preferences and their behavior across your website, app, and marketing messages.

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Трекинг поведения

Behavior Tracking in the Message, on a Website and Offline (bonus cards, promo codes etc.)

Collect and unify customer behavior data from multiple sources, including your website, app, messages and offline.

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Email Automation Made Simple

Streamline setting triggers and conditions for your email automation workflows with an intuitive drag-and-drop editor.

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Dynamic Personalization and Product Recommendations

Improve customer engagement and average order value with personalized product recommendations based on the unique browsing and buying behavior of each user.

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Actionable Analytics Reports: RFM, Cohorts, and Prognostic Analytics

Gain insights into your campaign performance with detailed reports, including deliverability, open and click rates, click heatmaps, RFM, cohort and predictiv

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Консалтинг и аудит

Email Marketing Services and Assistance

Contact our team of experts so we can help you create and optimize your email marketing campaigns for better results.

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Key features
All features
  • 144 285

    messages per minute

  • 500+

    millions messages per month

  • 50 000+


  • +40%

    sales growth after implementation

Why Leading Brands Chose Us?

  • In our business, the effectiveness of email marketing campaigns is very important, because sending emails to people is the primary way to communicate
    Kenji Shimabukuro
    Director of Operations
  • Email marketing is an essential part of our business:) It helps flexibly respond to our customers' needs by conducting surgical sales promotions.
    Nikita Kovalenko
    Епіцентр К
  • We use eSputnik along with CRM to trigger messages aimed at recurrency and cross-selling and mass mailing of promo offers for our subscribers.
    Oleksandr Kurdiuk
    Deputy Marketing Director
  • Installing a push notification data collection code took the minimum amount of time. The installation process is easy and clear.
  • We have chosen eSputnik because of its combination of flexibility, scalability, and client-oriented approach.
    Sergei Gordienko
  • “It was very simple to introduce!  The manual by eSputnik was simple and straightforward. The introduction process took about 7-10 minutes.
    Denys Arysmiatov
  • Push notifications channel complements online communication with clients and expands opportunities.
    Evgeniy Krechetovich
    Marketing Executive

Leaders Trust Us

Awards and Recognitions

High Performer Spring 2019

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