How to Launch Scenarios Automatically After the Import

Let’s say you’ve collected a list of new contacts from your website and you wish to send a series of welcome emails or webinar lessons to the newly collected email addresses. If your website is not integrated with eSputnik, you’ll need to import the contacts manually. OR let’s say you don’t have a website but your customers have provided you with their contact information and you need to set up notifications to bring customers to your offline store. In any case, you can set up a scenario to launch after the import.

Creating a Scenario

First, think through and create a scenario that will automatically send a single message or a series of messages to the newly imported addresses. For example, you can configure your scenario to send emails to a particular segment, check if the email was opened in a couple days, and, finally, send another email to the subscribers who haven’t open the first email.

To create the scenario, go to the “Automation” menu. Please note that you can only use the “Email to Segment” type of action with this type of scenarios.

Automated Email to Segment workflow for new imported contacts

Example of an Automated Scenario in eSputnik


You can set your scenario to send a single email or a series of emails. Please remember  the following:

  • With this scenario, you can only use the “Email to Segment” type of Action.

  • Please don't select any Segment under “Email to Segment” in the right pane. The segment will be inserted automatically as the contacts are imported.

Next, you’ll need an event to trigger your scenario. To create the event, go to the  “Automation” — “Event types”. Please make sure to set the event Category to Import and leave the other fields empty.

Set event type category to Import and leave the other fields blank.

Event type configuration for contact imports

After you’ve added the event, go back to the “Scenarios” menu and click Trigger configuration next to your new scenario.

See Trigger configuration under Status next to the workflow

Workflow Settings

Set the trigger to fire each time you import new contacts

Trigger configuration settings for Contact Import Scenarios

Import Contacts

To import contacts into eSputnik, go to “Contacts” — “Contact import”. Next, click “Select file” and “Upload”. Finally, click the “Launch scenario after import” link and select the event type you have created:

Click Launch scenario after import at the final step of the contact import

Contact Import

After this action, the scenario will send the email(s) you’ve selected to the imported contacts.

Cases the Scenario Won’t Work:

The scenario won’t launch upon the contact import if:

  • These contacts are already stored in the system,

  • The imported contacts were previously recorded and then deleted from the system,

  • The scenario uses the “Email” block instead of “Email to Segment”;

  • The scenario has no message in the “Email to Segment” block.

To see if the scenario works, you can import a test segment with several of your own emails and check whether an email was sent after import. After the test is successful, you can import the main list of contacts for your email campaigns.