How to Launch a Workflow after a Contact Import

This method is to be used if:

  • your website is not integrated with our system, and contacts are added via import;
  • you don't have a website subscription form, but you have a contact base and want to launch messages for these contacts.

1. How to Create a Workflow

Important: the file for import and email templates to be included in a workflow must be created beforehand.

Go to Automation > Workflows > Add new workflow.

How to add a new workflow

You can create a simple scenario with only basic blocks using our drag-n-drop workflow builder:

  • Start;
  • Email to Segment (select the message and skip the segment field);
  • End.

How to use a drag-n-drop workflow builder

Or more complex workflow:

  • Start;
  • Email to Segment:
  • Delay (wait 1 day): give readers time to read the email;
  • Condition (opened/not opened);
  • Email to Segment for not opened emails/End for opened emails.

A complex workflow

Important! These workflows use the Email to Segment block only. In the block settings, select the previously created email. Leave the Segment field empty: during the import, the system will automatically create the segment for the campaign.

The block settings

2. How to Set the Trigger and Launch the Workflow

Once you’ve saved the workflow, click on Trigger configuration under the necessary workflow.

Trigger configuration under a workflow

Click on On event and select New Contact Import from the dropdown menu.

Trigger configurations

If there is no New Contact Import in your list, go to Automation > Event types > Create New Event.

How to create a new event

Type the title of the event and select Import from the dropdown menu in Category. Other fields are not obligatory to be filled.

Type the event title

Go back to Workflows and select the event.

Select the event

Launch the workflow.

Launch the workflow

3. Contact Import

Go to Contacts > Contact import > Upload file.

How to import contacts

Download the file, match the contacts, enable Launch a workflow after the import in Parameters, and select the event type from the dropdown menu.

Launch a workflow after the import

Once the import is complete, the workflow will be launched and campaigns will get sent to the imported contacts.


1. Why my workflow doesn’t start?

The workflow launch may fail if:

  • Contacts from the imported file are already in the system;
  • Contacts have been deleted or restored from the previously deleted contacts;
  • The workflow uses the Email block instead of the Email to Segment block;
  • The message isn’t selected in the block settings.

To test the created workflow, import a test contact list including several contacts. Once you've made sure everything works correctly, download the main contact list. At the end of the import, the campaign will automatically appear in Campaigns > Scheduled Campaigns. Once a moderator approves it, the emails will be sent.

2. Can I use other messages (SMS, Viber) in my workflow?

Yes, you can. The procedure is the same as for email. Create the necessary message templates, choose the corresponding blocks (SMS to Segment, Viber to Segment) and select the created message from the dropdown menu in the block settings.

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