How to add "Video" block to email

Troubles are used to happen very often when you try to embed video in email. One usually needs to prepare pics in advance: it may be a screenshot from YouTube video, or image made in some photo editor. But this way is not the most convenient, especially when you want to embed video in email campaign quickly or, for example, you don’t have any available photo editor installed.

How to add Video block to email

But with our new adaptive email editor it’s really easy to add "Video" block in email and improve the message design. So, let's start in order.

Adding "Video" block to email

  1. First of all, go to "Blocks" tab, select "Video" block and drag it to your new email message.

Select Video block

There are two ways to do this.

  • Drag email video block and then drop it between the already existing email elements.

Pre-added structure for video

  • Drag it to pre-added structure.

Video block in the email

Choose the way you like and add the video block in email.

2. Then, copy the link to video you want to embed in email and paste it to a special link field.

Paste video to a special link field

3. Wait about 5 seconds for result: a complete email video block is ready.

Video block

Please note that video in email will not be playbacked because only some of email clients support HTML5 now. As for actual case - and, for example, display alternative content as images and links. Subscriber needs to navigate from email video campaign message to website to watch the video.


What else can we do with “Video" block in email?

There are some more options for this block, they may be easily configured, enabled or disabled. To see the "Video" block editing field, click it once in the email.

"Video" block editing field

Video block editing field in the email

  1. We’ve already talked about link field, so let’s go further :)

  2. Alt Text is inserted automatically when you embed video in email, but you can easily replace it with another text.

  3. To open the window of different color buttons preview, click "Play" icon and select the color you want: white, black or red.
    White, black or red icon for video in the email

  4. Enabled or disabled adaptivity affects the displaying of message on mobile screen. For example, email video block looks like this when you enable it’s adaptivity.

    Email video block

  5. Adding indents. You can easily add indents on the right, left, top and bottom; it makes video block in email look much better.

  6. Hidden video block in email for mobile version means that block won’t be displayed on mobile devices. It may be easily enabled and disabled in single button click.

    Video in email

  7. Binding to scenario. For example, if you want users to be directed to another segment when clicking through this link you can easily bind this event to "Video" block.

How may “Video” block in emails look like?

“Video” block appearance in email video campaigns may be completely different, there are some typical techniques below how to use "Video" block in newsletters.

1. Embed video blocks in product cards

Video block in product cards

2. Add video presentation of a product

Video presentation

3. Congratulate your clients gracefully and with humor

Holiday email

4. Embed videos in blog news to visualize

Blog news

It's so easy now to work with "Menu" block in our new eSputnik editor. You no longer have to edit the HTML code, use Photoshop or search for other solutions. Emails composing becomes easier every day. Read the full adaptive editor review here. You can also find more user guides in "Adaptive editor" chapter.

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