Choosing the right communication channel with the client could increase the conversion in several times.

eSputnik allows to promote your products on several channels: Email, SMS, Web Push notifications and messengers (Viber etc.). What do you need to know about each of them and about their interaction?


The functionality of email is huge.

With its help, it`s convenient to share news, talk about your product, etc.

But many users check the email just a couple of times a day, so for urgent messages, it is better to use additional channels.




Push notifications are ideal for unobtrusive reminders, for example — about unfinished actions.

They are subscribed even by those who are too lazy to fill out the registration form — just by clicking on the "Allow" button.


SMS are reading at least 5 times faster than email.

This channel should be used for urgent notifications.

It is important that SMS allows you to contact a client who is offline.

So for companies that need to always be in the access zone, this is an indispensable option (banking, travel agencies, etc.)



Viber is a trendy channel, which is rapidly gaining popularity.

It`s significantly cheaper than SMS and allows you to send much more vivid content.

For comparison: SMS in Latin contains up to 160 characters, in Cyrillic — only 70 characters.

Viber — up to 1000 characters. In addition, you can insert a picture and clickable buttons and links into the Viber message.

eSputnik configures the management of these channels in one system, and the "external request" block makes it easy to integrate any additional channel, whether it's a call center or an email service. Use the omnichannel system to increase loyalty to your brand and optimize the cost of communication with the client.

Modern Multichannel marketing