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Google Analytics Integration

Add to your statistic information about conversion rates from your SMS and Email messages. Google Analytics allows you to analyze your contacts actions after going on the web-site more detailed.

If you use Google Analytics to analyze traffic and efficiency of your marketing actions, we give a possibility to amplify your statistics with information about clicks from your SMS and Email campaigns. All clicks to your site will contain information about following: from which message the click was made, when, from what geographical regions, etc. In spite of the fact that eSputnik provides all statistics about readings, clicks, cancelling the subscription, complains, etc., integration with Google Analytics will allow you to deeper analyze actions of your contacts after clicking.

All work in integration eSputnik makes by itself. You will not need to change anything in your messages, it is enough just to indicate tick in your company’s profile.

Three reasons, why we recommend using Google Analytics:

  • Receiving conversion of clicks from email to sales;
  • Defining campaigns influence regarding to other sources;
  • It is free of charge.

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