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Customer Interaction Flow Builder for Multichannel Personalization in B2С eCommerce
Customer Journey Mapping

Find out how your visitors turn into subscribers, and then into buyers. This tool allows you to visualize your sales funnel, to approach your customers more efficiently without losing anyone on the way. 

Drag-and-Drop Workflow Editor

Create multichannel campaigns with no extra effort. Reach out to your customers through Email, SMS, Web Push Notifications and In-App Messengers.

Event-based Automation Workflow

Harness the best practices of email marketing. Build stronger relationships with your customers with Welcome series, cart and browse abandonment emails, personalized reactivation emails, price drop notifications, recommendation emails (upsells, cross-sells), and much more at your disposal.

Email Series, Triggered Emails, and One-Offs

Use a variety of email campaigns for a more efficient communication with your customers.

Product Retargeting

Deliver relevant product recommendations based on the customers' behavior on your website. We provide you with a special script that analyzes the behavior of each visitor. Then, AI algorithms are used to bring customers back to the website by sending them email messages offering the right products. 


Fine-tune eSputnik to the objectives of your business. The higher the level of integration between your business and the eSputnik system, the more effective your email campaign is. You can use either one of the three integration methods: API, connectors (Zapier / IFTTT), and database-level integrations (CRM, CMS, Google BigQuery). Our support service will be happy to help you with this process over the phone.

Create Awesome Emails That Motivate and Inspire Your Customers to Buy
Drag'n'Drop Email Editor

Create beautiful emails using blocks and structures in our drag-and-drop editor. With the help of structures, you can adjust the number of elements in a strip, and with the help of blocks you can set what these elements are going to be: text, buttons, pictures, etc.

Product Card Generator

Free yourself from the time-consuming chore of preparing product blocks. We’ve developed a Product Card Generator to make it happen in just a couple of seconds. All you need do is choose a suitable template from the library, specify a link to the product page on the website, and click on the Get Values button. There you go, the card is ready!

Visual Editor with HTML / CSS Mode

Edit your emails in a way that is most convenient for you. Each block of an email message can be edited in both the visual editor and the HTML editor. You don’t need any other apps for that. 

Email Testing Tool

Send test emails directly from the editor to any email address you wish without having to add the address to "Contacts" and go through the entire process of sending an email.

Subject Line Assistant

See how many characters of your subject line will be displayed on a particular devices. As customers read emails using different devices (smartphones, tablets, or desktop computers), longer subject lines are often cut off depending on the device. eSputnik Email Editor integrates a Subject Line Assistant to help you improve the open rates and hence the overall efficiency of your email campaigns.

Segmentation and Targeting Based on Customers’ Preferences and Activities in Emails, on the Website, or Offline
Email Segment Builder

Create accurate customer segments without taking away too much time from other tasks.

Segment Tracking

Create and apply segments to your campaign performance reports, to elicit detailed information on your subscribers' behavior within each segment. Segments can even be applied across ongoing and completed campaigns.



Email Lists

Add contacts to your lists manually, import them via the API, or get contacts automatically imported into the right list as soon as someone fills in the subscription form on your website. An email list is a static group best suited for a small number of contacts, for example, email addresses of those who attended your event.

Dynamic Groups

Create dynamic groups of contacts for analysis and targeted email activities using one or multiple criteria of your choice. With this feature you'll be able to send customized messages to specific groups of people, such as: subscribers who live in the same city, subscribers who have attended your events, or subscribers who have picked certain products on your website. The group will update automatically to only include or exclude contacts who meet the specified criteria. For example, you you'll be able to create a group of subscribers whose birthday falls on the current date, and the group will be populated with a new set of contacts every day.

Combined Groups

Combine your already existing groups of subscribers into bigger groups. You’ll be able to set up your campaigns to include or exclude contacts who belong to one or all of the selected groups. For example, if you have two groups of customers who participated in your conferences, you can easily target your email and SMS campaigns to both groups combined.

Orchestrate Multiple Channels in a Single System: All Kinds of Messages for Effective Interaction with Customers
Email Campaigns

Stay in touch with your customers with compelling, relevant emails. Email is among the most popular communication media, used by many on a daily basis.

SMS Marketing

Send information right to the peoples' phones. Text messaging is the best medium in delivering urgent information such as order and delivery notifications, price drop alerts, or sharing new offers.

Viber Messaging

Connect with customers using one of the top 10 most popular instant messengers in the world. Unlike with text messaging, Viber messages can contain images, clickable buttons, and links.

Web Push Notifications

Enable instant browser-based notifications from your website, to deliver your messages at the right time while website visitors are at their computers.

Real-Time Reporting for Data-Driven Marketing Experts
Campaign Analysis

Get detailed reports on triggered messages, bulk emails and one-offs. eSputnik provides detailed statistics on dozens of metrics, including email delivery speed, deliverability, open rates, click-through rates, spam complaints and unsubscribe rates.

Click Map

Track performance of each link in your emails. In addition to the links performance chart, there's a click map visualization showing the number of clicks for the links as they appeared in the email.

Domain Reputation

Analyze email deliverability broken down by email domain. This feature will enable you to maintain and improve your email reputation, by identifying which email services assign a lower priority to your campaigns, and adjusting your marketing strategy in a timely manner. 

Database Growth Analysis

See which traffic sources and subscription forms work best for attracting new leads and customers.

Web Tracking

Track your subscribers' behavior after they read your email and go to your website. This feature allows you to find out the preferences and interests of each individual customer. Thus, you can target your campaigns better and nurture a more loyal audience.

Triggered Campaigns Analysis

Track performance statistics for your triggered email campaigns for the entire campaign period as well as for a particular period of time.

Real-Time Mode

See campaign reports updated in real time. You'll be able to monitor your subscribers' activities immediately after sending out emails.

Open Time Report

Find out when subscribers are the most likely to open your emails, and determine the best time for sending out your email marketing campaigns.

Customer Activity Report

Track how each customer is engaging with your business. Based on this information, you'll be able to create mailing lists and adjust the frequency of sending, depending on their level of activity.

AI-Based Features to Take Advantage of the Power of Machine Learning
Personal Product Recommendations

Provide your customers with personalized product recommendations, based on their search and buying behavior on your website. Add a Product Recommendations block to your email campaigns, and our algorithm will intelligently display the products your customers would want to buy.

Send Time Optimization

Send your email marketing campaigns exactly at the moment when your subscribers check their email and are ready to open your message, follow the link, and performs a desired action.

Frequency Recommendation Engine

Optimize email frequency for your bulk or triggered campaigns, based on the calculated probability that your emails get opened.

VIP Leads Prediction*

Identify and leverage your potential VIP customers to drive customer experience, loyalty and revenue. Using Machine Learning algorithms based on more than 50 metrics (activity in messages, website behavior, CRM data, etc.), we predict the chances of your contact getting into the VIP segment over time.

Content Prioritization*

Send messages to your customers according to their interests; based on their last activity on your website, their emails, or offline.

*additional customization is required. 

Reliable Infrastructure to Ensure Exceptional Deliverability
Email Sending Speed

Our email sending speed is 144,285 emails per minute. This capacity allows you to send millions of emails in the shortest time without having to worry about deadlines.

Security and Deliverability

We do not send spam. All our campaigns are human moderated. Due to high reputation of our IP-addresses our emails are always delivered straight to customers' Inbox.

Service Uptime

We use Amazon Web Services to store our databases. It means that the system is working and available 99.999% of time.

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