Viber messages creation

Viber message has significant advantages compared to SMS, including the opportunity of using more text and the ability to add images and active links. In addition, the cost of such notifications is lower, which helps you to spend the marketing budget rationally.

Messages from the Viber campaigns are displayed on the subscriber's smartphone in approximately the following form:

Viber message

Sender’s name obtaining

To receive the sender's name, you must fill out a questionnaire. The confirmation of the sender's name takes two to four weeks. To get a questionnaire, please, contact the sales department:

Viber messages and campaigns creation

If the sender's name is approved and the Viber function is activated in your account, you can start creating messages. If the "Viber" tab is not active, please write to Do not forget to note in your letter the alpha name and login of the organization.

At the first stage, complete 3 simple steps:

  1. Go to the "Messages" section;

  2. Select the "Viber" tab;

  3. Click the "Add new message" button.

3 simple steps

Then in the appeared window, paste the message content:

  • subject or title;

  • text;

  • image;

  • link.

create Viber message

In a separate box insert the button name:

button name

Don’t forget to save your message after filling in all required fields:

save message

It is time to start Viber campaign (when you click on the start button, a list of groups appears, at this stage, you can select the subscriber's segment that will receive this message):

start Viber campaign

The lifetime of the Viber messages

Viber notification disappears 24 hours after sending. Therefore, this channel is well suited to alert customers about deals with a limited period of validity. In the message editor, you can specify the text that the recipient will see after the expiration of the message (currently this option is available for devices running iOS):

expired text

Triggered campaign

You can configure the triggered campaign by which Viber notification will be sent to the client as a result of the occurrence of an event. Triggering events can be different.

For example, this way you can inform the buyer that the order will be delivered soon.

This is implemented as follows:

Select the "Automation" tab, in the "Scenarios" section click the "Add new scenario" button:

start scenario creating

Create a scenario by selecting Viber from the list of "Actions", specify the name of the message which should be sent in the side menu (this notification has to be created in advance):

scenario creating

Then set the trigger condition (by event) and run the generated scenario:

set the trigger condition

run scenario

Viber messages can also be used as part of multichannel communication, adding them to welcome and reactivation series, abandoned carts and views.

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