eSputnik Support

In this section, we provide instructions and guidelines on how to use the system for our users. In the articles of this section we mostly answered the question "How?", Instead of "Why?".

Find Your Way around eSputnik

Welcome aboard! Let us take you on a small tour around eSputnik, to help you familiarize with the tabs and have а smooth first experience with your new marketing system.


The Dashboard tab is the default tab you see when you log in to eSputnik. Here you can:

  • check your account balance,

  • top up your balance,

  • see the available pricing plans.

The top-pane menu will help you conveniently navigate to all the features available in eSputnik.



The Contacts tab enables you to manage all your opt-in contacts. Here you can:

  • import or export contacts, or add a contact manually;

  • create contact lists and segment your audience based on a variety of different criteria;

  • request a free custom subscription form for your website;

  • see the detailed statistics on your contacts.

The Contacts tab stores and displays all the additional information on your customers and prospects. You can use this information to analyze your contact database and set criteria to create and auto-update segments.




The Messages tab provides the main tools you need to create and manage all your marketing communications. Here you can:

  • create emails, text messages, Viber messages, mobile and web push notifications;

  • store and edit message templates;

  • launch and schedule your email campaigns.




The Campaigns tab enables you to see:

  • your scheduled campaigns;

  • the list of all your sent email campaigns, with detailed reports for each campaign;

  • unsubscribe reasons.




This tab is your automation control center. Here you can:

  • create workflows,

  • set up events,

  • manage automation processes.



Managing your account

The Settings menu in your account will enable you to:

  • change your name,

  • select your display language and time zone,

  • set up balance notifications,

  • enable multi-factor authentication.

Managing your account

What else can you do?

The Account settings menu also enables you to set up additional functionality. Such as, set up push notifications or upload promo codes.

What else can you do?

The system is constantly evolving, and our Manual, we also build upon. If you have not found something that you need, please don't hesitate to ask us on email. We answer super fast! And as long as we are answering, have a look at what we've already described:

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