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Unsubscribers Management

eSputnik Newsletter contains unsubscribing links. We are processing all bounces.

One of the important differences of marketing campaigns from spam is the fact that email campaign needs to be desirable for addresses. In anothe way, the campaign can call converse effect: irritation, loss of trust and reputation. An important part of any email needs to be a possibility to decline receiving emails in future. eSputnik allows adding the link to cancel subscription and processes all declines without assistance. Most often these kind of links are added in emails and try to make them unnoticeable; though the main idea is in the fact that it would be more convenient for user to press your button, than “Spam” button in the mail client. It is important to understand that existence of this link doesn’t decrease the effectiveness of your campaign in future; on the contrary, it helps to support urgency of your contact database, gives an opportunity to understand audience better and its wishes on the basis of the reaction on a campaign.

Along with basic functionality of “canceling the subscription”, eSputnik provides both to system users and emails recipients the row of additional functions.

You can:

  • Configure your own page for canceling the subscription (indicate corporate style, logo, text);
  • Write down the statistics of those, who canceled the subscription and reasons of that;
  • Notify support service using SMS or Email about subscription canceling or complain;
  • Confirm for client, who canceled the subscription, that he was deleted from campaign list with a possibility of restoration, if he will want to.

The recipient of email will be able to:

  • Leave an opinion about campaign quality and reason of canceling the subscription;
  • Cancel not all subscription, but only chosen categories (notices, sales, news, etc.)

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