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How to Create a Great Email in a Drag-and-Drop Template Builder

Email marketing is a proven tool for building long-term relationships with subscribers and customers. It allows to reach people at the place they visit every day – their Inbox.

To get recipients looking forward to your emails, we'll show you how to create a great responsive template in our drag-and-drop editor.

How to Use Drag-and-Drop Functionality

With a drag-and-drop builder, it takes several minutes to create a good email marketing template, even if you’re new to marketing and don’t know much about email design. Use ready-made blocks – image, text, buttons, social, etc. – to edit a template as you want. Simply drag the necessary block to the email and add an image or text.

Drag-and-drop template builder

Main Elements of an Email Template

Preheader – contains the text that appears in the Inbox after the subject line. The ideal height is 50-65 pixels.


Header – usually consists of a menu and logo. If the logo is large, set a height of 150-200 pixels, if not – 70 would be enough.


Banner – a big image that comes first under the menu. Its size can vary: the width is limited to the template size, and the length can be any. The most common use is 640x480 pixels.


Text – text copy that explains the purpose of the email; 5-7 sentences are enough to do the job. One line should have no more than 75 characters. The block is 500-600 pixels high.

Product card – a small block that contains info and image of a particular product. Marketers usually put no more than 3 cards in one line, and 9 in the entire email. Use a collage to unite several images in one picture. Too heavy images may affect the download time of the email, but low-quality and non-original photos would also make you a bad service. To reduce the size of the image, compress them in special services.

Product cards

CTA – a call to action (most often button, can be a symbol, image, link) that invites to make a certain action. The clearer the call, the more people will click it. There are no size restrictions for this element.

Footer – a block at the bottom of the email that contains company contacts, social media icons, privacy policy link, and unsubscribe option. The best size is 600x200 pixels.


Manage Images in an Email Template

You can paste the image link or download any image from the computer (PNG, JPG, GIF, no more than 2 MB) and use it straight away, or save in your gallery and use it for further campaigns. You can also use the eSputnik’s bank – the collection of free high-quality images with a convenient search by topics.

Image bank

Edit ready templates without HTML skills

Edit Images

Once you've selected a suitable image, edit it straight in the template in the built-in editor. The picture can be cropped, resized, applied with filters, etc. You can also add any text and get a ready banner!

Image editor

Add a Rollover

A rollover is a useful tool for eCommerce campaigns. When a user hovers over an image with a rollover effect, it’s replaced with an alternative one. With this feature, you can display the product from different angles, emphasize its benefits, etc. Moreover, a rollover effect can be applied to banners and CTA as well. See How to Add a Rollover Effect to an Email to learn how to bring dynamic vibes to various elements of your email:


Add AMP Elements

At the moment, in the eSputnik system, you can create an AMP-supported carousel and accordion.

AMP carousel

These features can help deliver more information about the product or service, both text and visual, saving the copy space or hiding the information a user may not need at the moment.

AMP accordion

Note. To start sending AMP emails, you first need to register with Google as a dynamic sender.

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Add a Video to an Email Template

The process of adding a video to your email won’t take much time:

  • Drag a video block to your template, and add the link (1). The alt text and title would upload automatically (2).
  • Select the color for the Play button (3).

Video adding

And this is actually it. The video has been inserted in the email.

Create an Email Template in HTML

For professionals good at HTML, we have a built-in HTML editor, with useful features such as search, syntax highlighting, and tags auto close. You can build a whole email or its separate blocks in your own styles and formatting.

Email template in HTML

Fill Out Product Cards Automatically

Use smart blocks – an automated content generator – that would fill out product information with no manual management required. Add a link to the product card on the website, and the system will automatically insert its description, photo and price in the corresponding container.

Fill out product cards automatically

Preview for Mobiles

To succeed nowadays, email template design should be optimized for both desktop and gadgets, as up to 70% of users open their mail on mobiles. That’s why before launching a campaign it’s important to check whether your template would look properly on all devices. In the eSputnik email template builder you can do it in one click and then edit the necessary element, if needed (for example, hide too space-consuming elements, provide an HTML version for AMPHTML elements, etc.).

Preview for mobiles

What Makes a Good Design

Stick to a simple rule – the simpler the better. Experts recommend dedicating one email to one target action.

Be careful when choosing a font, not all email clients support all fonts. If the client doesn't support the font you've chosen, it will replace it with its own default option. To be on the safe side, use Arial, Courier/Courier New, Geneva, Georgia, Helvetica, Palatino, Tahoma, Times New Roman, Trebuchet MS, and Verdana. Those ready to experiment, can choose of non-standard fonts:

General settings


We know firsthand how to make a beautiful email campaign, because we send thousands of them on a regular basis and cooperate with numerous online businesses: from the fashion industry to medical companies. Our builder's functionality is designed to meet the specific needs of each.

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