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Email Marketing Plan for January 2020: 90+ Engaging Campaign Ideas

It may seem that Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Сhristmas and New Year have deprived customers of all purchasing intentions, and marketers of all creative juices. But don’t let skepticism and procrastination take you down. The brand image is being built all year round, and your silence and inactive marketing performance may result in too soon oblivion: your competitors would be happy to lure away some of your customers.

To not let it happen, check our email ideas calendar for January and start planning. Marketing is always in season, so find one or two events than resonate with your business and schedule some creative messages to go out.

Day Holidays and Events to Look for in January 2020

Jan 1

Global Family Day

New Year's Day (Gregorian calendar)

Polar Bear Plunge Day (US, Canada)

National Tree Planting Day (Tanzania)

Thank you

Jan 2

New Year's Day 2

World Introvert Day

Science Fiction Day


Jan 3

International Day of Persons with Disabilities

Doctors' Day (Cuba)

Fruitcake Toss Day (US)

JRR Tolkien Day

Instagram post by Layton's Chance Vineyard & Winery

Jan 4

World Braille Day

Trivia Day

National Spaghetti Day (US)


Jan 5

National Bird Day (US)

Monopoly Game Day


Jan 6

Christmas Eve (Orthodox)

Bean Day (US)

Promo campaign 3 Kings

Jan 7

Christmas (Orthodox)

National Bobblehead Day (US)

National Tempura Day (US)

Christmas congratulations by Bing

Jan 8

International Typing Day

Earth's Rotation Day

Automate Campaigns for Better Conversions

Jan 9

Word Nerd Day

National Apricot Day (US)

National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day (US)

Email campaign by Rockwell

Jan 10

Cut Your Energy Costs Day

Margaret Thatcher Day

National Houseplant Appreciation Day (US)


Jan 11

International Thank You Day

Children's Day (Tunisia)

National Milk Day (US)

Email campaign by Readdle

Jan 12

National Youth Day (India)

Marzipan Day

Kiss A Ginger Day (US)

Last post

Jan 13

Coming of Age Day (Japan)

National Clean Your Desk Day (US)


Jan 14

Old New Year

International Kite Day

National Forest Conservation Day (Thailand)

Martin Luther King's Birthday

Email campaign by the Nature Conservancy

Jan 15

Ocean Duty Day (Indonesia)

Teacher's Day (Venezuela)

National Strawberry Ice Cream Day (US)


Jan 16

Get to Know Your Customer Day

Teacher's Day (Myanmar and Thailand)

National Nothing Day (US)

Email campaign by Relate

Jan 17

International Mentoring Day

Benjamin Franklin Day

Ditch New Year's Resolution Day

Kid Inventors' Day (US)


Jan 18

Thesaurus Day

Winnie the Pooh Day

Winnie the Pooh Day promo

Jan 19

World Snowboard Day

Husband's Day (Iceland)

Tin Can Day (US)

National Popcorn Day (US)

Email campaign by The Popcorn Factory

Jan 20

Martin Luther King Day of Service

National Cheese Lover's Day (US)

Penguin Awareness Day


Jan 21

International Sweatpants Day

Squirrel Appreciation Day

National Hugging Day (US)

Grandmother's Day (Poland)

Instagram post by Jacobs Food Diaries

Jan 22

Grandfather's Day (Poland)

National Blonde Brownie Day (US)


Jan 23

World Freedom Day

National Handwriting Day (US)

Women's Healthy Weight Day

Email campaign by MyFtnessPal

Jan 24

International Mobile Phone Recycling Day

Beer Can Appreciation Day


Jan 25

Chinese New Year

Burns Night (Scotland)

National Nutrition Day (Indonesia)

National Police Day (Egypt)


Jan 26

International Customs Day

Australia Day (Australia)

Engineer's Day (Panama)

National Pistachio Day (US)

Australia tours promo

Jan 27

National Geographic Day

Vietnam Peace Day

Punch the Clock Day (US)


Jan 28

Data Privacy Day

National Blueberry Pancake Day

Instagram post by Women's Health

Jan 29

National Corn Chip Day (US)

National Puzzle Day (US)


Jan 30

School Day of Non-Violence and Peace

National Croissant Day (US)


Jan 31

Street Children's Day (Austria)

National Fun at Work Day (US)

National Hot Chocolate Day (US)

Email campaign by Whittard

Optimization Tips for Faster Template Building

Even with a carefully planned monthly campaign strategy, sometimes it happens that you feel a sudden impulse to reach your customers and share some great news. For example, you want to introduce a new team member, your brand has been shortlisted for an award, you’ve started collaborating with new partners or just returned from a cool conference. The faster you create a new email, the more value it would have in terms of relevancy and up-to-dateness.

And so you’ve come up with a smart copy and have some original images as support. Now it’s time to compose an email, and this is where ready-made templates step in. Those sending campaigns on a regular basis already have own library of custom templates that require minimum redesigning or editing. But even if you choose to use a new one, there are some tips to speed up the creation process.

  • Save custom design as a template.

You can build a newsletter, reactivation email, congratulations message, etc. long before the event. Don’t wait till the last moment and carefully think over the design, CTA location and color patterns. Once you’ve got the job done, save as a template and use right when the occasion arises. Depending on how much time you have, you can simply insert a copy and images, or opt for more extensive editing, changing colors or text position, adding dynamic elements or video, etc.

  • Create and save default modules.

There are certain elements, like your company logo, social media icons, contact details, signatures, links, or unsubscribe option, that are typically used in any email, regardless of its type and purpose. Save them as ready modules and drag to any part of the template (ready-made or a new one) should you decide to change the layout or opt for a new design.

How to save modules in the eSputnik system

  • Create multilingual copies within one template.

By far, not many companies offer Multilanguage functionality, but eSputnik has this option built right in the editor. It enables to create, save, preview and edit copies in unlimited languages within one template, and switch between them in a click. All you need to do is to prepare the corresponding text and insert it in the necessary block.

What’s more, Multilanguage saves marketers time not only during building but also during analysis and result review, as the reports with performance statistics for each copy are stored in one place.

Multilingual campaigns

  • Use the editor smartly.

Take time to investigate and test all options in the editor you use. Insignificant at first glimpse, they may be real time-savers in the long run. For example, in the eSputnik editor, you can insert emojis in one click without copying them from other sources. You can also edit any image straight in the editor, customize video buttons, and preview both mobile and desktop versions in one window.

Text editor

As you see, January is full of opportunities to reach out. Sure, bombarding your customers’ Inboxes every two days with all sorts of congratulations won’t make you any good. A message by a cosmetic company wishing Happy Pasta Day would sound a bit out of place. However, if you’re a pasta producer, an Italian restaurant, a media house who has just published a book on pasta, or a culinary academy launching a new pasta cooking course, a short reminder of the event or a corresponding post on social media would be a smart marketing move. So be smart and sincere with your campaigns, and your audience would feel it.

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