2 Mar 2018
Промописьмо к Пасхе без применения HTML

To design the Easter newsletters is much more complex task than, for example, Christmas or Valentine’s Day greeting because of narrower range of specific email ideas for Easter: spring, Easter Bunny, eggs and sweets. And be sure: these symbols will be used by thousands of companies to the maximum. Really, you can’t run away from bunnies :) but all in all, email symbols may be used in different ways, and how exactly - we tried to find in the following article.

Of course, Easter newsletters design depends on your sales offer. But how to be really unique outdoing all competitors? It may seem that design will take a lot of time and efforts... but in fact, is not! Let me use the practical Easter email example to illustrate how easy it could be to create an attractive message via our email editor.

Промописьмо к Пасхе на примере обувного магазина

I composed an Easter promo newsletter for you using the example of Easter email campaigns for shoe store. Email idea: to inform clients about discount for new spring/summer collection. Here are design recommendations to follow in process of promo newsletter composition:

  • If you are going to use fills or paste background images, it’s better to make all the prepared product photos and other pics in png format (with a transparent background). Or you can use jpeg format, the main thing here is white background.
  • To make promo message correctly displayed on mobile screen, it’s important to disable the adaptivity of all structures and images.
  • Choose fonts and their sizes accordingly to your newsletter design ideas, or don’t hesitate to bother fonts used in our sample.
  • Separate the email components into different strips, for example: logo and a menu in one strip, banner in another, and third strip for the product card. This way is the most convenient to change the location of the content items in your newsletter, or remove the excessive parts.Using different stripes in letters
  • Compose complex parts of your email in different structures

Карточки товаров к Пасхе

  • The centering of texts and images is easily adjusted by indenting and mobile centering options: right, left, center. Adjust the indentation of different elements for visual optimization when composing your promo message.

Промописмьо к Пасхе

The main design parameters used to make a template are as follows:

  • Main background of the message: # fff9f9 - pale pink closer to white.
  • Decorative fonts: Lora or standard Georgia. Product buttons, prices and menu font - Open Sans or Tahoma
  • Background color of structure and blocks: #ffffff (basic white).
  • Button and main font color: # 333333
  • Main button and email decorative elements color: # fb9dcf (pink), # bcd52f (lime green).

Дизайн письма к Пасхе

Let's get started! Design the whole Easter email example from scratch, but if you already have ready-to-use email footer, header, or product cards - you will only have to decorate them.

STEP 1. Email header (logo, menu)

Дизайн логотипа в пасхальном промо

Let's add Easter egg element right to the logo decorated and "vitalized" with stickers featured in built-in mini-photoshop. To open the mini-photoshop, select any image and click the magic wand. 


  1. Add double structure from "Structures" tab. Then, set the following parameters for it:

email-рассылка к Пасхе

  1. Disable the structure adaptivity for correct displaying on mobile devices.

Адаптивность промописем


  1.  Add two pics to structures cells. Align logo on the left edge and set 40px indent from the top; align Egg on the right and set 110 px image size.

пасхальный дизайн письма

  1. To turn Easter egg into a "merry Mexican", select the pic and click the MAGIC WAND - mini-photoshop will open.

Фоторедактор онлайн

  1. Next, click "Stickers" and select "Originals" block; find sunglasses and sombrero hat there. First, drag sunglasses to the pic and reduce the size to make glasses look good. Then, add sombrero in the same way and locate it slightly on the side (I placed it on the top left). Save your result.

оформление промописьма к Пасхальным праздникам


  1. After saving, disable the image adaptivity using "Adaptive Picture" button.


  1. Drag one more structure of the same type below the structure with the logo, set the # 333333 color and 20px indents left and right.

Структура письма

  1. Drag "Menu" block to the structure, set 10px container indents from the top and bottom. In "Menu" edition bar, set the following basic parameters and values.

Работа с блоками в промописьмах

By default, you will have three menu items added; you can remove extra items using the “Recycle bin” icon, or add the new one by "Add new menu item" button. When adding the needed number of items, insert their names to the related fields.

STEP 2. Banner

I managed to find the banner image for Easter newsletter in advance on a free photo stock. Then I added text via built-in mini-photoshop, so it turned into a nice banner. The main requirement is to make sure than text is readable when you added it to a pic.

Пасхальный баннер

To create such a banner:

  1. Drag one container structure to email.
  2. Disable the structure indents.
  3. Add "Image" block to it.
  4. Then, upload the prepared image, set 600px width and edit it in the photo editor.
  • To add text to the image, click the "Magic Wand" (just like when we designed the Easter egg).

Создание баннера для промо онлайн

  • When mini-photoshop opens, find "Text". To add text, click (suddenly!) "Add text".
  • In the drop-down window, find and set Rochester font.
  • After adding text to the pic, insert field appears; click it once and insert the call you want.

Пошаговое руководство создания письма

You will have an option to change each item size . For example, to add more calls you need to click "Add text" again, then add text, set the size and locate it in required position. Following the current sample you will have 4 texts of different sizes.

Пошаговое руководство создания письма

  1. Add and place texts following the sample and save the changes.

STEP 3. Heading and product cards

In this chapter we will talk about:

  • how to add heading
  • how to make two different blocks with product cards and design them
  • how to add separator between structures

Дизайн товаров в email-рассылке к Пасхе


  1. Drag one container structure to email, set the parameters as in the pic below.

Дизайн товаров в email-рассылке к Пасхе

  1. Add "Text" block to the structure. Set the center alignment. For text, the parameters are following:
  • Font Color: #333333
  • Font size: 24px
  • Font type: Lora or Tahoma

Product cards

There are two types of products blocks in the current Easter email marketing examples. In the first block there are 2 goods; in the second - one product in the center.

Let’s make two products card

Дизайн товаров в email-рассылке к Пасхе

  1. Add three containers structure to email. Set the structure parameters as in the picture below: 20px indents on all sides, 0px indents between the containers. Containers sizes depend on your pics sizes. Using "+" or "-" you can easily resize containers. Disable the structure adaptivity using "Adaptivity" button.

Дизайн товаров впроморассылке к Пасхе

  1. Paste more blocks to the structure as in the sample below.

Создание карточки товаров для письма к Пасхе

  1. Add images and the required text. Images size is selected individually, the main task is to make the central image symmetric to products containers. Set the following parameters for text with prices:
  • Font: Open Sans
  • Color: #333333
  • Sizes: strikethrough font - 20px, main - 28px.
  1. For the buttons, set the following formatting: 2px common borderlines and #333333 color; internal indentation 5px top and bottom, 30px right and left. External indents are all 5 px. Also, set the text style as in the sample below:

Пасхальный дизайн письма

And now, let’s make a block with one product card


оформление товаров в email-рассылке к Пасхе

Such an Easter newsletter block is designed just like the previous one, only the blocks position is changed. It should be the same as in the sample below.

Карточки товаров в промо к Пасхе

Then, add the pics you want and set their sizes. You can simply copy the container with an Easter egg by clicking the related button, then paste it to the structure and resize as you need.

Карточки товаров в промо к Пасхе

Separator between products blocks

Email separator is represented as one pic added to a single structure, with the following parameters:

  • 600 px size
  • center alignment
  • adaptivity is disabled
  • 15px indents on top and bottom

Separator can be copied and dragged to any part of email, in our case - between the product cards.


STEP 4. Main website button

Элементы дизайна в промописьмах к Пасхе

To create this part of your email is easy because we already know how to add pics and to work with buttons. This part of message consists of two structures. The button is right in the first structure; the second is a decorative grass image.

  1. Set these indents for a structure with button:

Элементы дизайна в промописьмах к Пасхе


  1. The main parameters of button design are as follows:

Главные кнопки перехода на сайт в промо к Пасхе

  1. Inner and outer indents of the button have the following sizes:

Главные кнопки перехода на сайт в промо к Пасхе

  1. Add one more structure with a pic, remove the structure indentation and set 600px image size.

    Now we completed designing our Easter email examples. I hope my article will be helpful for you, and our email ideas for Easter - inspiring to create your own cool Easter newsletter. 

    Find more Easter email marketing examples in our review article “Easter email examples, or What to write about in Easter newsletters?”

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