9 Sep 2019
Top 6 Tools to Check Your  Sender Reputation

Today, few marketers aren’t aware of Google Analytics, Bing Web Analytics, and other website performance analysis tools. With many useful options, they yet can’t show you what happens to your emails after sending. That’s why major email clients have additional solutions to monitor the sender reputation and assess the users’ reaction to email campaigns.

Email Performance Analysis

The following two services are specifically designed to help you analyze and improve your email deliverability rate. Their reports are timely and informative, so you can react promptly if they demonstrate even the slightest negative change in the stats.

Gmail Postmaster Tools

Every email client - AOL, Gmail, Yahoo, and Outlook - has its own postmaster service, and Gmail is no exception. Gmail Postmaster Tools is a Gmail exclusive service that provides the basic email stats: how many campaigns are delivered/misdelivered, opened, bounced or sent to spam. It also monitors if all the sending settings are managed properly.

Postmaster Tools also gives the sender domain statistics as well.

Domain statistics by Gmail Postmaster Tools

Sender Score

Sender Score helps you track what happens with your campaigns: opens, complaints, delivery to inactive or fake email addresses, etc. The service collects data about a sender domain. Also, you can see the statistics of inbox placement for major email clients.

Inbox placement by Sender Score

On a side note: many email agents have adopted strict DMARC policies meaning only corporate emails can be used for bulk campaigns. Before starting your campaigns, make sure you have a verified corporate domain.

Checking Your Contacts, Domains, and Emails


Mxtoolbox is a reputation monitoring system that watches after your domain reputation: notifies if your domain has been blacklisted or has problems with SPF, DMARC and DKIM settings. It’s so easy to use and doesn’t require any additional tech skills.


Mail-tester is a simple email reputation service that offers you an email address to send your test email to.

Send, wait and check!

Email address test by Mail-tester

The reasons your campaigns are often filtered as spam - broken links, nol alt text, a membership in the blacklisted list, etc. The service also allows to check your SPF and DKIM settings.


Litmus allows you to test how your message will be displayed on different devices and in different email clients. This service is paid, but for its clients, eSputnik can run free testing in Litmus.

Also, it offers some email reputation check tools. For example, Litmus will help you find broken links, test campaign load time, scan your subject line for improvements, and more.

Email preview by Litmus

Litmus also detects the Gmail folder your message gets into: Promotions or Inbox. Of course, you can also see this by simply sending a test email to any Gmail account.

Zero Bounce

Zero Bounce is an email validation service aimed to control the quality of your email list. Before the first sending, we advise verifying the email list you’ve been gathered for many years to clean your contact base of all spam traps, deleted, blacklisted or inactive emails, and emails with toxic domains that might hide in your database. Verification will reduce the threat to your email reputation and improve future campaign performance.

In addition, you’ll get the statistics of your subscribers’ domains, geolocation and available personal details (gender, first name, last name and so on).

Overview report by Zero Bounce

Sure, you could verify your emails one by one using free services, such as verify-email.org. However, if your list is huge, better entrust it to the pros.


OnDMARC is an email security service that collects daily reports from every email agent that has processed emails from your domain. The reports provide detailed information about the source and the number of emails that have been validated or declined.

Reports by OnDMARC

OnDMARC uses these reports to analyze email traffic and then suggests measures to keep it secure. With OnDMARC, you'll always be in control of what’s happening to your domain, and be able to detect unauthorized traffic.

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