3 Sep 2016
Best practices for Welcome emails

«You never get a second chance to make a first impression».

 Will Rogers

Everybody knows the importance of the first impression. Any time somebody enters your shop for the first time, calls you or visits your website, you do your best to make a good impression on your client.

Subscribing to email campaigns a client has some expectations based on the first communication with a company. Welcome newsletter has a great role at the beginning of communication, but it is surprising that a lot of companies pay little attention to it. Compared to ordinary email campaign, Welcome emails have quite high opening rate (from our experience it is about 50-70%). Direct communication between you and your subscriber starts with opening Welcome email received from your company. It may help to frame the first opinion about your business.

What can best Welcome emails do for you?

Any important interview requires thorough preparation, the same with Welcome emails. However, it is often neglected, and Welcome emails are either uninformative or too general. Let alone the fact that instead of a nice design, Welcome emails contain just a plain text, which is seldom read by subscribers. In this case subscribers just click confirmation link without reading your email. In fact, Welcome emails can actually contribute in your marketing campaign, welcome new clients and suggest next steps.

Assure clients that they have made the right choice

Clients may not want to give their email-address to third-party email campaigns, especially at the beginning of communication when they don’t have trusted relationship with the sender yet. Therefore, it is important to assure clients that they have made the right decision.

  • Let your clients know that they are a part of your company

Don’t be afraid to share your success with clients in emails: for example, you could tell how many subscribers get your newsletters every month. It's a great way to dispel clients’ doubts and to show your new subscribers that their decision to subscribe to your email campaign was right.

welcome email from go squared

As an option, inform your clients that they become club members or participate in loyalty program.

  • Give sense of security

People are concerned about their information security, as email is password storage. Your subscribers want to be sure that their email addresses are secured and you don’t have access to any personal information from emails. If they get auto-generated password, you can offer them to change it straight away.

Welcome security email from Le Boutique

It is equally important for a client to have a chance to unsubscribe from email campaign at any moment and not to get annoying emails.

  • Tell about benefits of registration

When you confirmed your client’s subscription, suggest your client a short review of what he/she will receive from you and tell about benefits for registered users. welcome email frome animaker

Fears away

Sending email to a new subscriber for the first time it is better to remind that he/she subscribed to email campaign from you. In this way you prevent a great number of unsubscription.

welcome email from virgin america

Meet subscribers’ expectations

It is very important that everything promised before registration is fulfilled in Welcome email. When you make special offers to involve people in registration, keep consistent and live up to promises.

Spend some time to review what you offer to your readers at the moment of registration and subscription.

Make a short tour for your subscriber

Add detailed information about content type and frequency of planned email campaigns.

welcome email from caratlane

Or just provide your subscriber with a link where he/she can find all this information.

welcome email from crocs

Provide guaranties

Guaranty is of prime importance for online shops, as a user can’t try on a piece of cloth, touch it or check functions etc.

welcome email example from aritzia

Introduce yourself

Introduce yourself in a friendly way and tell a little about your company. You can give links to your website and provide short description of every section.

welcome email from karren miller

One more step is to provide contacts, so that your clients could contact you on any issues or problems. It's always nice to know that a person (not a robot) is communicating with you.

Support your brand

Do your best to make design for your Welcome emails and subscription form in website style, so that your subscriber could easily recognize you. Also, make the same navigation in email as on website.

welcome email from mark graham

  Сall to action

Don’t say to much — prompt your client to act.

Say “Thank you”

Welcome emails are automated answers to subscription of clients to your news. Welcome email is a chance to show off your marketing program to your target audience. Personalized approach in email improves the first opinion and stand you out from other competitors. You can divide Welcome emails into email series not to overload subscribers with information.

You need Welcome series if:

  • You understand that there is too much information for one email. It is better not to overload a subscriber, but to configure email series (up to 5 emails)

  • Email contains to many CTA and links

  • The first email is general, the second is personalized with account of contact list segmentation

  • Every email has one main idea, such as sending password, telling about company’s values, invitation to social networks etc.

In our next article you will find out how to make Welcome series. Please share with us how you “catch” your clients? :)

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