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AMP Technology in Emails: Time to Surprise Your Customers

Google announced AMP technology support in Gmail at the beginning of 2018. And the long-awaited release is coming soon. Other large email services, such as Yahoo Mail, Outlook and Mail.ru, are going to support AMP technology too. Today, you can test AMP emails in Gmail and Mail.ru.

In addition, the technology has already been adopted by a number of large online platforms, including Booking.com, Doodle, and Pinterest. It’s clear that in the nearest future we’ll see a large number of new brands join this list.

How Does AMP in Email Work?

Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP) technology is a set of HTML tags backed by JavaScript. This technology is primarily used to speed up the loading of web pages on mobile devices.

Emails created using AMP will look like autonomous web pages. Here’s what email readers will be able to do directly in the email, without opening a web page:

  • Shop online,
  • Browse different product catalogs,
  • Leave feedback about products,
  • Book rooms,
  • Take a survey, and so on.

AMP started as an effort to help publishers, but as its capabilities have expanded over time, it’s now one of the best ways to build rich webpages. With this came the opportunity to modernize one of the most popular places where people spend their time: email.

— Aakash Sahney, Product Manager, Gmail

If the mail service doesn’t support AMP, the email will be displayed in the standard HTML5 format. This means that every subscriber will still receive your message regardless of which mail service they use.

What Do You Need to Do to Send AMP Newsletters?

At first, you should choose an ESP that supports AMP-powered emails. There are only 4 such providers so far:

  • eSputnik
  • Amazon SES and Pinpoint
  • SendGrid
  • SparkPost

Next, you should ask Google Support to whitelist the address from which you are going to send emails (you can read about our experience how to get whitelisted with Google to send AMP emails.)

What to Do While AMP in Email is Yet Unavailable?

While the new technology is not launched yet, you can use the eSputnik template editor to create the following interactive elements for emails:

  • Carousels
Carousel in email
Timer in email
  • Rollovers
Rollover in email
Survey in email

These and other interactive tricks are already available in the eSputnik editor. They allow you to interact with your subscribers directly in the email, even without adopting the AMP technology.

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Examples of the Best AMP Email Campaigns

This is how well-known brands use AMP in their email marketing.

1. Doodle

Doodle is an online meeting management tool. Polls with variants of place and time of event help to choose the best option for all participants.

Usually, to fill out such surveys, a user needs to go to a separate web page. The AMP technology changes everything.

Below, you can see the image of the survey which was conducted in Doodle.

AMP, Doodle

When users click Continue, they’re asked to choose a convenient time. Other group members will see this information in real time.

AMP, Doodle

Create effective emails that convert!

Below, you can see how this email looks like in Gmail. Please note the notice "4 of 11 participants, 0 comments." This is the result of AMP working.

AMP, Doodle

Dynamic content will be updated as new members complete the survey and write comments.

The opposite of dynamic content is the conventional static content. With static content, updates can only be delivered only in new emails.

Thanks to the AMP technology, emails with dynamic content will display the updated survey information in real time whenever users open a Doodle email.

Doodle reminders are another example of successful use of AMP in emails.

AMP, Doodle

A user can enter the addresses of participants who have not yet responded, and send them a request to complete the survey. It all can be made right within the email without going to the website. This greatly simplifies the entire process.

When the majority of participants complete the survey, a user can select the final date and time of the meeting. As you can see on the screenshot below, 10 people chose Monday, 9 people chose Tuesday, and 8 voted for Wednesday.

AMP, Doodle

To choose one of the options, a user needs to select one of the dates and click the "Done" button. All other survey participants will receive a notification about the user’s choice.

2. Booking.com

Booking.com also leverages the benefits of AMP dynamic content to improve the user experience in email.

First, the subscribers receive hotel search recommendations and a photo of one of the offers.

AMP, Booking

With a static email, users would have to go to the website to see more photos of the apartments. But the AMP technology allows them to flip through photos without leaving the email:

Booking, AMP

If users scroll the email down, there will be suggestions for other locations. If this is not enough, they can click on “See a new deal” to get new offers.

Booking, AMP in email

With the help of AMP, users can control the frequency of emailing and choose their own preferences directly in the email.

AMP, Booking

3. Pinterest

Before the launch of AMP in Email, you had to go to the Pinterest website in order to read recipes from their newsletter.

Booking, AMP

Now, you just need to click on the image, and all related information will appear next to it.

Pinterest, AMP

Another task Pinterest is solving with AMP is to simplify registration.

Previously, when users registered, they had to go to the site in order to select 5 or more topics of interest.

Pinterest, AMP

You can see in the example below how a user selects their topics of interest directly in the email. Depending on the number of selected rubrics, the title of the email will change dynamically too.

Pinterest, AMP

The selection of topics dynamically changes depending on the users' choice. For example, if they choose the topic “Food”, headings “Desserts” and “Soups” will automatically be pulled up in the email.

When a user selects the required minimum of topics, the “Done” button will become active. The title and subtitle will also change to “All set! Ready to build a custom homefeed for you.”

Pinterst, AMP

When the user confirms the selection by clicking “Done”, the feed construction process will be displayed in the header.

Pinterest, AMP

Pinterest, AMP

By clicking on the “Homefeed ready!” button, the user will get to the Pinterest website with a personalized feed of images.

(Вased on the article What Is AMP for Email & What Should You Know Before Trying It?)

Be among the first!

AMP should be supported by both email services and your email service provider.

We are ready to provide you this new opportunity to promote your business. As soon as your email client launches support for AMP emails (if it hasn't done by far), you’ll be able to create and send them with eSputnik.

With AMP, your communication with customers will become more convenient and personalized, which means it will bring better retention, higher loyalty, and more sales.

Leave a request and we will contact you as soon as Google makes the AMP technology available.

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