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7 trigger messages that are needed for your business

Automatic emails allow you to communicate with clients, congratulate them with anniversaries and to encourage buying without much effort. More and more companies are trying to automate this process as much as possible, since it assures the additional income beside regular email promotions.

  • Double opt-in subscription email

  • Welcome  series

  • Personal Event email

  • Abandoned views

  • Abandoned carts

  • Reactivation email

  • Post-Purchase Review email

Why are automated emails so important?

One of the main advantages is high Open Rate. Of course, mostly it  depends on the subject and sender, but only those emails fall into the interests of subscribers, on the data about the client.

The trigger emails are able to:

  • Increase conversion. According to our data, Welcome emails are opened by up to 80% of users, the f abandoned cart emails - up to 50% (it is significantly higher in the beginning of using these kind of emails).

  • Increase brand loyalty.

  • Automate processes. You spend time not on the creation of emails, but only on their improvement and tracking client activity.

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7 main triggers of eSputnik

These triggers are important for any online store and, at the same time, simple to implement. Of course, it is possible to adjust much more marketing campaigns in the system, but we will review 7 sample scripts, which are important for any online store and simple to implement.

Double opt-in subscription email

Double Opt-in (double confirmation of the subscription) is one of the important conditions for conducting mass mailings. The mechanism is as follows: the client fills out the form to subscribe and get an email requesting the confirmation. It can be limited to one email, but it is better to set up a daisy chain to increase the number of verified addresses.

Those who have not clicked on the button in the first email - receive the second email an hour later. Hadn’t he/she passed by the link? They receive the third email two days later. The chain will stop as soon as the client confirms the subscription, or after you send a third email.

Welcome series

When the customer confirms your email, there is launched a series of welcome emails to the subscriber, so he/she can get to know you better.

This is an example of a linear chain, which is sent in stages at intervals of 2-3 days. You can complicate it:

  1. In order not to overburden your client, just trigger regular email campaigns after sending the last email of the series. To do this, you simply create a conditional campaign and add the client to the group for a wellcome series and after reading the last email, he would be transfered to another group for regular mailing.
  2. Add to scenario conditional block “Reading”, if it is important to know whether the client read the email or not. There is a possibility that the client will continue reading over time, but if he/she misses one email, the next scenario steps will stop running… So that you will be able to change process flow depending on till which stage your scenario was followed.

Personal Event Email

These are emails triggered by birthday, anniversary, and other personal milestones that can provide special offers or engagement. The easiest way is to set the greetings sending without using scripts: create a conditional group "Birthday Today" and schedule it for daily sending of congratulation emails. By the time of sending the group will be constantly updated with new contacts birthday.

If you want to send the emails considering the reaction of customers or adjust the chain with congratulations - starting a script, select the "Regular" and add the group "Birthday Today"

This chain is usable when it is necessary to offer customers some bonuses for the celebration 7 days “before”, and then just directly send the Birthday greetings.

It is also possible to use several communication channels with the client.  For example, the client did not read the email, but we wanted to congratulate him/her so much and we sent an trigger SMS too. From time to time change the text, so your client won’t receive that the same greeting every year :)

Abandoned views

There are ready-made blocks "Abandoned views" and "Abandoned carts" in the scripts. You can use this units for free, but there is one important caveat - you need to place our script on your site to collect and transmit data to eSputnik system.


All the products that the client reviews on the site are collected and grouped into inpidual set in the email. Those who do not review anything on the site, respectively, won’t be emailed.

Abandoned carts

 It is important not to disturb those who should not be bothered. Therefore you set a check whether a client left unfinished an order on the site or not.

You can run a series of emails and check before sending next message, if the client has performed a desired action. Usually, two emails will be enough to not to intrude upon subscriber.

Create Abandoned Carts in eSputnik

Reactivation email

Regular reactivation procedures will help maintain the database up to date and ginger those who for some reason stopped reading emails or buying. Let’s suppose, you want to stimulate the passive subscribers, giving them a unique promotional code. Then the scenario would look like this:

The system will "reactivate" not the entire group, but only those who have not opened the emails. Exactly the same principle will be applied with subscribers who have stopped buying.

Post-Purchase Review email

It is quite a simple trigger to build, if the system is set up to transmit the data on orders.

Ask clients after receiving of the order, whether they enjoyed it, or set the timer and send an email a few days later, when the client has already tried out the product. You can add links to the ordered products pages, so the client could give a feedback in a single click.

P. S. To configure automatic series, there is a need for API integration. Find out more about used methods to transfer data in "API Integration".

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