Artificial Intelligence

Personal content and recommendations based on AI algorithms to increase sales.

The eSputnik team is at the forefront of high tech. We don't just know about the latest innovations in marketing communications. We are their authors often. This we are different, for this we are appreciated. Therefore we are expected at the status conferences and seminars. eSputnik introduces AI because it seeks to minimize the marketing routine, automate all possible processes and raise the potential of email marketing to a fundamentally new level.

AI is needed where there is a large amount of incoming and outgoing data, "live" reactions of end users, where it's necessary to track trends and make experiments. By doing all this, AI is machine learning system. What are the prospects for this?

Further — 12 processes, in which in the eSputnik system AI is using now.

1. Reactivation Recommendation

The main thing that you need to do to reactivate passive clients successfully is to select them by a set of certain criteria from a common customer base. The criteria for selection may be different: the number of purchases for a certain period, the opening of emails... Moreover, it's necessary to understand how all these parameters are interrelated — simple arithmetic is indispensable here. You need to take into account the specifics of your business and your subscribers. eSputnik has developed a program that selects the ideal combination of features to identify "sleeping" customers. That allows you to conduct sniping accurate campaigns.

2. Frequency Recommendation Engine

How to determine on which day of the week and when to send emails? How often we should send a newsletter? But what if you have a client in several groups on several attributes at once? Suppose he made a purchase and received a transaction email, and right after that he received a regular newsletter, and then he was congratulated with a birthday of his mother-in-law. It`s unlikely that the client will appreciate such a strategy. So you need to customize the filter. This function is implemented in eSputnik — the program constantly works on a group of frequency emailing optimization criteria, achieving maximum conversion with time. Now you don't need to be confused in all possible crossings of contact groups and overlays of email campaigns, AI works for you. The level of anxiety isn't exceeded — the contact base isn't burned out.

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3. The Product Recommendations

With the help of product recommendations, you can significantly increase the average check. It is best to do it based on a personalized purchase history. AI introduced by eSputnik collects not only online, but also offline data, based, for example, on the use of a bonus card or promotional code. We advise you to add an additional block with recommendations in any emails: promo, trigger and transactional. It is worth, of course, to devote separate, special newsletter to the product recommendations.

4. The Order Of Promo Blocks Suggestion

Another difficult task, with which is solved in the eSputnik system, is the distribution of the advertised goods through different emails. Someone needs goods for the home, and some need tools. The subject of emails and their structure, respectively, should be different: in one group it is better to specify the category of the goods, and in the other — its name. All these intersections can systemize AI.

5. Marketing Qualification Recommendation

eSputnik is able to build a system of characteristics that highlights potentially most valuable customers. The more complex your product is, the more data should be in such a system. Imagine, for example, that you are going to make an ascent to a recently discovered peak, on which no one has ever been. And there are only basic data — temperature, altitude, humidity. You need equipment. AI analyzes all existing brands and conditions for their use, puts the research results on the information available to you and offers the best option.

When you return with new knowledge, you will be able to improve the result. All you have to do is set the direction of the research for AI.

6. Sales Qualification Recommendation

Marketing is compared with fishing not accidentally — here is also important to strike in time. On the basis of a number of indicators, this AI function allows our partners not to miss a suitable moment for selling. You can focus on viewing similar products, reading reviews, chat questions, reaction to discounts and other.

7. Customer Lifecycle Optimisation Recommendation

You have a sales funnel and a customer you need to pass through it. To make his lifecycle as long and productive as possible, you need to combine different campaigns and channels. It remains to decide: when? where?what about? how often? — and these are only the most obvious questions. To draw such a scheme will be very difficult for a human, but the AI system eSputnik can compose and improve such algorithms. Marketers need just to set parameters for machine analytics.

8. Build Segment by Personas

Try to imagine your ideal customer. Then decompose this beautiful image into a set of characteristics that make up it. Based on the results of data analysis, these are VIP clients. Now AI constantly observes this group and improves its interaction with it.

9. Find Unique Group (Clusterization)

The eSputnik system uses algorithms to identify groups differ from others by certain unique characteristics. By isolating and analyzing such a group, it is possible to form a new proposal for it, which will prove to be effective for this segment.

10. Score Email Copy and Fine Audience

Using this method, the system determines to whom is best to send your exclusive offer. You set the size of the group, considering, for example, your budget. Based on the history of emails, AI can offer certain changes in the message, which will increase its effectiveness.

11. Personal Content Generator

If there are several catchy chips in your email, this method will determine which one is appropriate for the particular customer. As a result, in one part of the campaign, the attention will be concentrated on the shares, in the other — on the novelties, and in the third — on the characteristics of the goods.

12. Send Time Optimization (Day of Week and Time)

eSputnik`s AI helps to determine when, to whom and on what channel to send a message in this case. It focuses on the fact that the desired action has fulfilled as many recipients as possible.

So, AI will help you solve three big and difficult tasks of email marketing: complex segmentation, optimization of the lifecycle and intelligent personalization of the client. Automating campaigns will save time and money for businesses. Machine learning will allow marketers to extract data more efficiently. And eSputnik will continue to build mathematical models and master the highest tech.

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