Featuresfor advancedmarketers

  • Automated Campaigns

  • Recommendation service

  • Behavior tracking

  • Scoring and RFM-segmentation

  • Dynamic Content

  • API-integration: CRM, CMS

  • Testing and analysis

Email examples

We have ready solutions for different formats business (natural or legal entities): Online shops, cafes and restaurants, banks and insurance companies, touristic agencies, Saas, b2b.

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At the moment we are succeeded in the Ukraine, Russian market. But in the nearest future we plan to scale to US and Europe. Subscribe if you are interested in demo or tour to our system:

Note, that we have several really impressive features and would be happy to share them with you.

21 reasons to try eSputnik right now

Are you tired of uniform work in letters creation? Level up your Email marketing with us! You can order Email marketing: full support of you mailings and your business strategy development. Also, you can register and get free all needed for fast and effective start of mailings:

  • Free letter template in your web-site style according to your wishes
  • 2500 Email and 10 SMS for free system testing
  • Subscription form and recommendations on placing it on the web-site
  • RFM analysis of the contact base
  • Audit of Your Email marketing

You can create, analyse and make you letters better with our service of Email and SMS distributions. The systen is really easy in use even if you don't have basic HTML skills.

Effective solutions for Email marketing:

  1. SMS editor with prepared set of blocks for letter creation and ability to add ready HTML
  2. Promotion distribution is created no more than 1 min with the generator of goods' cards
  3. Understandable card of clicks: who had has followed the links and what links he / she followed
  4. Your Clients segmentation on any additional fields
  5. Experiments with design and content of the letters

We will increase the effectivness of your SMS and Email distribution!

  1. Setting of letters about left carts and views
  2. Setting the chains of the letters according to the users actions on the web-site
  3. Full support of your distributions
  4. Help with the base cleaning before the 1st sending
  5. Suitable automation of Email distribution with the help of API
  6. Russian-speaking support for which there aren't any unsolved questions and tasks

SMS distribution usage make your communication with clients fuller. The disadvantages of one communication channel can be supplemented with another one and reach a large audience.

For SMS Marketing

  1. SMS sending from Alfa-name instead of tel. number of the sender
  2. Personalisation on the different clients datas: name, date of birth, personal promocode
  3. Planning of the automatic sending of SMS
  4. Fast speed of sending through our service as distinct to free services
  5. SMS marketing with the eSputnik in GoogleApps

Every months there are new updatings and new opportunities for the Email marketing. It means that we are growing every day and your business is becoming more successfull :)

Mass SMS and Email distribution is available gust with your own base! We don't sale and don't send letters on purchased bases.