Prices for sending Viber messages

Use all the possibilities of Viber for business: make automatic and bulk emails in eSputnik
How much it costs to send in Viber depends on whether you work with a Viber service provider or not. If you already cooperate with one of the providers, you can pay only for processing. The system allows you to personalize messages, add product recommendations to them, automate sending and combine Viber with other channels. If sending messages in Viber will be completely carried out in eSputnik, you need to register the sender's name. Sender ID activation takes 7 to 30 days. At sender registration and monthly, Viber requires a minimum payment. For this amount, you will be able to send messages within one calendar month.
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Frequently Asked Questions
To start sending Viber campaigns via the official Viber channel, register a sender id (sender name) for Viber.

To do this, fill in a small questionnaire and a letter of guarantee.

You can get these documents on request sent to

Sender name registration takes 10 to 30 days.

Viber charges a monthly minimum fee for the sender name support.

For the same money, you can send campaigns within one calendar month at the rate specified for every delivered message.

If you do not use the whole sum within a month, the balance will be written off.

Only delivered Viber messages are to be paid for. Unused funds held for Viber campaigns are charged at the end of the month.
A Viber message can contain up to 1,000 characters, one image and one active button.
If you haven’t found the necessary country on the list on our website, write to or on our chat and specify what countries you are interested in. We will describe the terms.
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