Email Marketing Consultation

If there is not a specialist who will provide clients management or you haven’t enough time for building and analysing of your newsletter you can save your time trusting to our Marketing specialists.

What will you get if we support your mailing?

  • Effective messages without time wasting;
  • GCPs and BCPs of our professionals;
  • Operative functionality development which you need for your problem solving;
  • Beautiful flexible design of your email newsletters

Design and message markup

We will help you to struck a balance between technical limitations and your brand-book requirements. The message design will harmonize with your web-site.

Message copywriting

Message text - main sale tool as header and CTA. We will help you to talk the same language with your subscribers due to the best CIS copywriters tips.

Mini-copywriting SMS

We will help you to put in 70 signs all important information that you would like to send to your customers in SMS.

Birthday greeting for your clients with the help of Email and SMS Marketing

One more matter to remind to your customers that you are taking care of them is to present them the discount that will motivate them on the one more purchase. You need to know the name and the date of your client’s birth for it. And what about other points? We will take them on our responsibilities.

Email Autoresponders

Automation of the main Email Marketing processes will save you time and money because you are always keep in touch with the customer not sending her/him letters manually. You will not miss any important dates of your client. Also you will convince her/him to complete the purchase that he/she has left, you can forego them to buy something for his/her birthday or another holiday etc.

Message testing

Messages, those sale, always need to be improved. We test all important message elements for what colours and proposals work better and increase conversion rates. We use best World practices, adapting them to your business due to the tests.

Messages analytics

We need to messages key indicators for quality of the message. We accurate reports with the most important information that you need for the results evaluation.

We support the messages of the next brands

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We will go over your business goals and we will create plan of your messages support!