Message templates crafting based on the eSputnik system

Individual message template which was made according to your wishes - an effective tool for sales increasing through Email Marketing.

Advantages of the unique message template:

  • The design is implemented with limited markup of mail clients;
  • It is displayed beautiful and correctly in all mail clients and programs;
  • It is increasing trust to you and your offer because it is understandable who is sender;
  • It looks harmoniously;
  • It consists of required marketer blocks: promo, buttons, CTA;
  • It is easy edited and changing without help of the designer;
  • It can become popular due to the buttons «Share»

Unique design in the web-site or brand-book style

We create design with technical limits for mail clients and your brand book requests or external view of your web-site.

Mark up which works in all browsers and mail clients

We will mark up the created template so it will looks the same in the different browsers and mail clients, and the most important is that it will be understandable for the user even without images.

Marketer elements in the letter

We don’t just leave the web-site design but marketer elements such as: site navigation, products design with price and discount, CTA and web-site buttons. Basing on our editor you or your marketing specialist can improve made template without designer help.

The templates examples which we have created for our clients

The first pattern of our customers - free of charge!

We make templates for eSputnik system