Our help in CI and customer support

You have just started your business and you haven’t have database of subscribers, are we right? So, no problem, we will help you to make it.

Advantages of your own contacts database:

  • These people are interested in your services;
  • They take the 1st step by themselves, leaving their contact information
  • If they are not ready for the purchase they can know more about you subscribing on your mailing.

We will create subscription form (Best Practices oriented) and set up required tools for your subscribers development. 

Leave a request and get free subscription form!

We will prepare free subscription form for contact base gathering in your site style.


Subscription form with required fields

Quality of the base and subscribers amount depend on location and subscription form structure. We will optimize your subscription form, mentioning great reason which helps your potential clients to leave necessary contact information.

Subscription Confirmation letter

This letter will help the describer to understand that subscription was successful, that you haven’t forgot about him and that all letters will be the same as you have promised him before the subscription. Link following «Approve the subscription» - means serious purposes of the user and prevent you from “dead” emails and bots.

Confirmation subscription page in the web-site style

This is a page that is visible for the user who has improved the subscription. From one side it seems that this is insignificant detail but if this standard system page will differ from web-site style a client can worry, thinking that his contacts was given to the third party. We propose you to design the page of subscription conformation in the style of your web-site and also to add there the social network links or other information which can be useful for your potential client.

Branded unsubscription page

Most of us think just about current subscribers and don’t care for those who has been unsubscribed. We propose you to make the page with unsubscription in your web-site design, mentioning the reason of unsubscription. Analyzing these reasons you can not just evaluate the work of managers but other aspects of your ecommerce. Also you can return some rightly discontent clients.

Welcome letters series

These letters will help you to make subscriber into client because you can tell about advantages for your clients: convenient delivery, payment methods, quality guarantee of a product or service. Special offer, discount or bonus - all this motivates for the 1st order.

The examples of our subscription forms

Leave a request and get free subscription form!

We will prepare free subscription form for the contact base gathering in your web-site design.