Subscribers Management

Know more your target customers!

Deep analyzes of your business using professional methods of segmentation helps you to answer on the next questions:

  • What clients to focus on? (VIP - segment)
  • What clients can you leave?
  • How to save due to discounts?
  • Whom can you provide a discount and who can?
  • Which of Marketing channels work and not?

Cluster Segmentation according to the Customer Lifecycle

We will point your clients purchase frequency and also main segments for the work. After analysis we will develop work strategy of the work with every segment.

The methods of segmentation

We use the next methods of cluster segmentation:

  1. eRFM segmentation group (recency, frequency, monetary (average revenue per user (ARPU))
  2. Binary segmentation: analyzes of data and fact of purchase.
  3. Cohort analyzes: client's behaviour monitoring

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More than 2 500 companies are trusted to us. We value our reputation and guarantee safety obtained information and from the legal side we are ready to provide NDA.

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