Mailing Audit

Sometimes you need fresh eyes for knowing what to change in your letters. We can analyze your letters and advice what you need to test and what to improve. 

The mailing audit is a simple one. We have divided it into 3 stages - from the first letter to the full system of automatic and promotion letters.

  1. Content analyses of the concrete letter and Best Practices. We will discuss with you how to improve your letter, what to focus on and what to test.
  2. Rates delivery analyzes. If the letter has been sent according to its rates we will make a pilot test of our recommendations.
  3. Full audit of your letters:
  • Letters design and best practices
  • Quality and effective copywriting
  • Delivery time and segments
  • Main KPI letters

You will get a full report where we will mention what you can change and how and propose you our ideas for letters improvement.


Why can you trust mailing audit to Us:

  • We always monitor the best market examples and success cases
  • We work with 2 500+ brands at CIS Market
  • We accompany mailings of the e-commerce and Ukrainian major brands
Register and get an audit!

We will prepare a document with the analysis of the letter blocks and our ideas about what could be improved.