Tariff "Universum"

All included

In my base

All included

An infinite number of SMS messages

Any number of Viber messages

Any number of Viber transactions
Web Push

No restrictions on email campaigns
Mobile Push

Also an infinite number of transactions
In-App Push
An infinite number of pop-up messages
App Inbox
Web push notifications on your sites without limits
Mobile Push
Mobile push notifications without limits
As many pop-ups as you want

Countless recommendations on sites

How does CDP work?

If sending messages to CDP will take place entirely in eSputnik, you need to register the sender's name. Sender ID activation takes 7 to 30 days. When registering a sender and monthly, the company requires a minimum payment. For this amount, you will be able to send messages within one calendar month.
Stage 1


We accept large data streams from different systems and channels. And combining them together.
Stage 2


Sorting and cleaning of data received from all channels. Based on which we will simulate customer profiles.
Stage 3


We receive customer profiles and distribute them into segments for targeting the company and setting behavior.
Stage 4


Communication. We send a message, request, email, push or do nothing. Depending on what we want from the client in the end.
Frequently Asked Questions
Optimal Package is valid for 30 consecutive days from the date of activation.
We have built-in payment processing to accept credit card payments or invoice payments. For invoice payments, closing documents are to be provided.
After a sign-up, you receive 2,500 emails and 10 SMS to test the service. We can also create one free email template designed in the corporate style of your website.
We offer the following discount options: 5% discount, if you pay 3 months ahead in a single payment; 10% discount, if you pay 6 months ahead in a single payment; 15% discount, if you pay 12 months ahead in a single payment.
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