Tracking the Effectiveness of Email Campaigns with Google Analytics

To track the effectiveness of mailing with Google Analytics, you should first turn on the transmission of UTM tags in the emails.

They are already enabled by default for each email, so you don't need to worry in that regard.

Email Channel Performance Evaluation In General

To view the data about the email channel in general, go to ACQUISITIONAll TrafficChannels

Tracking the Promo and Trigger Campaign Effectiveness

To track separate the effectiveness of promo and trigger campaigns, go to the Email channel.

Select Other AcquisitionTraffic SourcesSource

Performance Evaluation of a Single Mailing or a Trigger-Mail

To evaluate the performance of each separate mailing or a separate trigger-mail, go to eSputnik-promo or eSputnik-trigger

In the opened tab select SourceOtherAcquisitionCampaign.

You will be shown the names of the mailings that you sent and their’s data.

Email Series Performance Evaluation

You can create a series of emails, combine them by one tag and thus track the effectiveness of a series of emails in general.

First, put a mark on the emails you need.

The data will be shown in Google Analytics in: AcquisitionKeyword report.

Now you can view the data and assess the effectiveness of email series campaigns.

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