Subscription form configuration

Confirmation email and Double Opt-In

Subscription form is one of the popular contact collection methods. However, it is not enough just to get email and contact’s name, you should also configure so called Double Opt-in to get confirmation email from the user to make sure that this email exists.

subscription form example

To configure Double Opt-in you will need confirmation email and form. If you already have a subscription form, you can integrate it  through API with /v1/contact/subscribe. Otherwise, we can offer you a subscription form in your website style free of charge and you will get code to be indicated on your website.

When transmission of information to the system started, you need to create email for subscription confirmation and two scenarios, one of which sends email about confirmation of subscription, the other one makes the contact active.

Preparation of confirmation email

First, you need to make email, which will be sent when subscription form is completed. To do this you will find a specially designed block “Subscription confirmation”in our system.

subscription form block in editor

Here how it looks in email with standard text and button.

confirmation email example

We advise to change text and layout. After that you need to connect event to the button or confirmation link:

create the event in editor

In the same window you can also create subscription confirmation page. Now it has standard view for all users, but we recommend to create your own branded page. After that save your email.

Scenario #1. Sending subscription confirmation email

In our subscription form event Form completed is created. If you use your own subscription form, event subscribeFromApi is created. The only difference is the event which launch scenario.

Go to Automation - Scenarios in the system and press button Add new Scenario. УSet required blocks. In the block Task you need to specify:

Task name - obligatory email

Email - select email for sending when subscription form is completed.

scenario with form filling

There is an option of more complicated scenario when you add timer for verification: opened/ not opened, clicked on link/ not clicked on link etc. In the system it has such a look:

scenario with email confirmation

Scenario 2. Contact confirmation

cenario should have at least one block “Confirm contact

subscription confirmation scenario

Then configure conditions of scenario launch. Find in scenario list Completed contact form, press Set launch conditions.

If the form was created in eSputnik, select event Completed form. If this is a form of other services, select subscribeFromApi

conditions for running the scenario

You can also set limits by launch conditions (96 hours by default). In other words, if a user completes form 10 times a day, only one email will be sent to this user. New subscription from the same user creates another event subscribeUpdateFromApi. In this case email is not sent, only contact information is updated.

You can make scenario more complicated and add Welcome series.

scenario for welcom email series

After adding all required settings, complete the form on website and check all the steps: from completing subscription form on your website up to checking contact in segment ubscribers  in the system. Segment for subscribers is created by default in eSputnik.

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