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Mobile Push Campaign Report

You can track the results of mobile push campaigns in the system's interface in the Campaigns → Reports section.

Two Types of Mobile Push Campaigns

Bulk campaign

Bulk campaign is a one-time message sent to a specific segment. This campaign’s type usually has an expiration date (set TTL when creating a message) and contains information about a discount, sale, promotion, specific information occasion, etc.

After completing sending the campaign, we recommend checking its results in 2-3 days. Usually, all active users will have time to react to the message within this period, and the results in the report will be more objective.

Triggered campaign

Triggered campaign is a pre-composed message sent as a part of a specific workflow.

The push message content depends on the user's actions on the site or in the mobile app, customer lifecycle marketing, and other parameters that you have identified in your strategy. The most popular triggered messages in e-commerce are reactivation for those who have not bought anything on the site or in the app for up to 3 months, notifications about the delivery time, abandoned carts, and birthday greetings.

What Information You Can Find in the Reports

Go to the Campaigns -> Reports section to view reports on mobile push campaigns.

Reports section

In the left side menu, there is a list of reports by the message channel: Email, SMS, Web Push, Mobile Push, Viber.

Click on Mobile Push and select the type of campaigns you are interested in: Bulk or Triggered.

Type of campaign

Select the period you want to see the list of reports for in the right upper corner.

Select the period

You can also customize the display of the options you need. To do this, click on the Display button and choose the options you want to see in the report list.

Display button

You can also download the report as a file in the .CSV format by clicking on the Export button.

For export, choose the period of less than 6 months.


If you send orders’ information to our platform and enable the Show in reports sales made through campaigns function, you will see the campaign profitability statistics for the selected period in the list of reports. To display the campaign revenue next to each report on the list, click on the dollar icon.

Dollar icon

Click on the campaign’s name to see its detailed report.

Campaign’s name

Mobile Push Report

The report interface for bulk and triggered mobile push campaigns is almost the same. It has 3 parts:

  • General information
  • Message stats
  • Revenue

Mobile push report

Let's take a closer look at each part of the report.

1. General information

At the top of the report, you will see the following data:

General information

  1. The message name.
  2. Start button to send the next portion of messages in case of a limited campaign.
  3. Stop button to stop sending if it’s in progress.
  4. Start date and time.
  5. Email of the user who started the campaign.
  6. Segments participating in the campaign.
  7. Tags for quick search and filtering of reports.
  8. Message preview: versions on Android and iOS with a lock screen and in-app preview.

2. Statistics by message

You can view statistics on the sent triggered campaigns for any period. Select it in the right upper corner of the screen from the dropdown menu.

Statistics by message

You can select such options:

  • today,
  • 7 days — last week (including today),
  • 28 days — the previous 4 weeks,
  • current month,
  • previous month,
  • all the time — since the start of the workflow and the first sending of this message,
  • period — you can specify the dates yourself.

Click on any of these options, and the system will display a report for the selected period.

In the report, you can see detailed information on unavailable contacts, sent, delivered and opened messages, and contacts that are in the process of receiving a message or haven’t received it due to errors.

By clicking on the Export button, you can export the following segments:

  • Sent
  • Delivered
  • Opened
  • Clicked
  • In progress
  • Inaccessible contacts at the time of sending
  • Blacklisted
  • Over tariff plan limit
  • Annoyance level exceeded
  • Errors

Segments export

You can export contacts:

  • to the new list,
  • to the existing lists.

By clicking the More button next to the Export button, you can copy to clipboard technical campaign information and message ID.

More button

3. Revenue

If you set up integration with a CRM system that records order data, you can evaluate the financial results of the campaign.

Campaign revenue report

The visualization of campaign revenue is displayed by 3 indicators: the number of purchases, the average check, and the total revenue.

Also, you can view detailed information about purchases from the campaign by each segment you create in your account.

Purchases by segment

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