Management of campaign frequency


Email marketing includes a wide variety of campaign types:

welcome emails, promotional campaigns, triggered emails, company’s news, teasers etc.

Overuse of email campaigns can have negative effects:

  • marking as spam,
  • greater unsubscription rate,
  • decrease of loyalty.

To protect subscribers from frequent campaigns we have implemented parameter Level of annoyance, which allows specifying an acceptable number of sent emails to subscribers.

To do this the following parameters should be specified in account’s settings in the system:

  • daily annoyance limit,
  • weekly annoyance limit.

Additionally, parameter Level of annoyance can be specified for a particular email. In this case, this parameter indicates approximate level of annoyance caused to a user by email delivery.

In other words, this mechanism allows subscribers to control the frequency of contacting them by a company. Let’s have a look how it works.

Example of the use of Annoyance level parameter

Online shops use several kinds of campaigns, such as:

  • Promotional campaigns triggered by event “client hasn’t visited website for a week”
  • New collection - arrival of new collection - everyday campaign
  • Company’s newsweekly campaign sent on Thursdays.

Annoyance level for these emails is specified in this way:

  • Promotional campaign 3
  • New collection 1
  • Company’s news 2

Weekly annoyance limit is, for example, 4.

Let’s assume that it is Thursday today and that the user has already received promotional email and email in scenario New collection. That means that annoyance level for today equals to 4 and Company’s news campaign won’t be sent to this user.

Except for Daily annoyance limit, Weekly annoyance limit can be set.

How to configure Annoyance level parameter

  1. Go to Laboratory in account’s Settings and drag slider to enable parameter Level of annoyance. Don’t forget re-login.
  2. Set Daily and/or Weekly annoyance limit.
  3. In Messages select a particular message, press Show settings and set parameter Annoyance level for it.

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