Import Contacts

General description

Contact import is a tool for quick creation of a list for SMS or Email campaign. It is often used for manual synchronization of contact base between internal CRM and eSputnik.

Contact list is a file with clients’ contacts in such formats as .xls - Excel 97/2000/XP, .xlsx - Excel 2003, .csv - text format with delimiters (semicolon or comma). To speed up import process, delete unnecessary columns in the file to be uploaded.

File upload

Select file on your PC and press button Upload. At this step, you have access to table Import log with Date and Segment name of the contacts uploaded earlier.

Match of fields

Before contact import, you can get a template in xls or csv format for your file with contact information. It contains a sequence of columns. Each column corresponds to one of the fields containing information about a contact in the system. Your file doesn’t have to contain all the listed columns, titles of your columns may be different, as it is possible to connect them to necessary contact fields or to skip them during import.

When there is contact information in the first line of the file, uncheck Ignore the first line.

Contacts duplicates can become a real problem for campaigns. In case email address or phone number for SMS appears several times in your contact list, your client will get several messages, and this is likely to spoil the effect of your email. To avoid contact duplicates at the stage of import, you can specify a field by which contact uniqueness will be checked. For example, if your file contains several contacts with the same email address, only one contact with this address will be created if uniqueness by email is set.


At this step, you can see the final view of a contact segment. A check of specified email addresses and phone numbers for SMS is being done at this point. If some of them are incorrect, you will see a warning. To correct an error press button Edit. If it is impossible to create contact on the basis of contact information from the file, you will be notified of an error. However, you will be able to make import without making corrections in the file with contact information. In this case, accessible contacts will be created in the system anyway.

Not to upload deleted contacts check Don’t add deleted contacts.

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