How to Set up Mobile Push Notifications in eSputnik

To set up mobile push notifications, you need a Google Firebase account. You can create a new Firebase account or use an existing one. Next, you’ll need to generate a private JSON key and upload it to the eSputnik system. See below for a step-by-step guide.

Create a Project in Google Firebase

If you already have a project, skip steps 1-3 and go to step 4.

1. Go to the Google Firebase service page and click the Get Started button.

Create a Project in Google Firebase

2. Click the New Project button.

New Project button

3. In the dialog window, type a name for the new project and select the checkbox to accept the terms of the security agreement.

Project name


4. After the project was created go to the left pane menu. Next to the Project Overview, click the Gear icon item and select Project Settings option in the drop-down list.

Project Settings

5. In the Service Accounts tab, click the Create Private Key button.

Service accounts

New private key

6. Next, click the Create Key button in the dialog window to generate the key.

Generate Key

7. To upload the key to eSputnik, return to the Settings page of the new Mobile Push project and click the Upload JSON button.

Upload JSON

8. The functionality of sending mobile push notifications became available.

9. Enter a name for the new Mobile Push project. The name will be visible in the list of contacts and groups. In the list of groups the number of contacts that have tokens of this application is shown as a separate digit.

Mobile Push Project

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