How to Create a Survey

It is much cost-efficient to retain an existing client than to acquire a new one. That's why customer satisfaction is among the top priorities for all brands. And a survey is one of the ways to find how your customers feel about your product or service.

Automation of customer research is especially important for enterprise ecommerces with big customer bases. It helps run multi-stage surveys and quickly respond to changes in customer attitude and loyalty.

Through integration with and Zapier, eSputnik enables you to automate any customer research strategy, be it feedback on the shopping experience, a review of the bought product or a classic NPS (NetPromoter Score) survey.

1. Create a survey form.

Create a survey in the applicable communication channel. Add tags, for example, NPS or survey for convenient management within the system.

You can create a survey in two ways:

  • Create a form on an external platform (for example, Google Forms) and add a link to it to the email.
  • Create a dynamic survey in the eSputnik editor using a ready block with an AMP form. It will allow the user to take the survey straight in the email.


To send AMP content, you need to register with Google as a dynamic sender.

Survey examples

If you need help, email us at, and our designers will help you create a survey form based on your corporate style.

To do this, you need to provide a list with questions and answer options. To simplify form filling, use skip logic for your survey. Offer users to answer questions based on the answers they've already given. For example, if the user answers “No” to the question “Do you use Product A,” they won’t be shown questions about its price or technical characteristics due to their irrelevance.

2. Send the event to eSputnik.

Set up a transfer of the event that will trigger the workflow with a survey. Such an event can be sent from a CRM after an order confirmation call or after order confirmation on the website.

The event should transfer the parameters that will be used to identify the user and the order, for example:

  • Contact email address;
  • Phone number;
  • Physical shop address;
  • Call center manager’s SIP number, etc.

Event parameters

3. Create a workflow.

Go to Automation > Workflows and click New workflow. Create a workflow and set the launch conditions.

You can create a basic workflow with a message block only.

Workflow example

You can create a more complex workflow with additional conditions. For example, if you send a survey and a follow-up reminder, you can create a dynamic segment that will include contacts who respond to the first survey request and fill the form in it.

For this segment, you may add the following conditions:

  • Events > Delivery > Tag > NPS;
  • Delivery during 7 last days.

Segment example


To use events as conditions for dynamic segments you need to subscribe to Segmentation by Events. To subscribe, please email at

Build a workflow with the Included in segment? condition and select the created segment in the settings on the right.

Included in segment condition

4. Collect responses.

Survey responses are collected and stored in You can download them as a .csv file or export to eSputnik or other external sources through Zapier.

4.1 Set up a service in Stripo.

1. Sign in to your Stripo account.

2. Go to Data > Services and click Create service.

Stripo example

3. Fill in General Information. The Identifier and URL are generated automatically.

4. Enable Stripo storage.

Service configuration in Stripo

4.2 Set up integration with external resources through Zapier.

1. Enable External storage resources.

Webhook settings

2. To add a webhook, go to your Zapier account and click MAKE A ZAP.

Make a zap button

3. Click Webhook.

Note! Webhooks are available only for subscribers of the Premium pricing plan.

Tab with the webhook

4. Click Continue to continue. In the new window, click Custom Webhook URL, which will create zap.

5. In Choose app & event > Trigger Event, select Catch Hook and click Continue.

Webhooks by Zapier

6. In Set up trigger > Custom Webhook URL, copy the generated link.

Field with the generated webhook

7. Insert it in Webhook URL in Stripo.

Field for the generated webhook in Stripo

8. In Action > Choose app & event select eSputnik.

9. In Action Event, select Send Event.

Select Send Event

10. Click Continue and sign in to your eSputnik account.

11. In Set up action, fill in fields:

  • Event Type. Event type in eSputnik that is assigned to the survey. Enter a name and create the event in eSputnik or enter the name of the existing one.
  • Event Key. Contact ID that can check whether the event has been triggered for the contact (email, phone number, ContactID).
  • Parameters. Values that correspond to the questions and answers of your survey.

Fill in fields

12. Turn the zap on.

Enable On

When the survey form is filled, the zap will send to your eSputnik account an event with the user's responses.

Event parameters for the user's response

5. Use responses.

5.1 Create a workflow based on user responses.

Create a workflow that will be triggered by the event sent to the system upon survey completion.


You can check the variable that corresponds to the answer that is of particular interest to you. For example, take the question "Did we help solve your problem?” the answer to which is transferred in the Solved parameter.

Condition parameters

If its value isn’t Yes, an extra workflow path will start for customers whose problem wasn’t solved. For example, you can send them an apology email with a bonus. Or you can email the responsible manager who can use the user's phone number and call center SIP number to find the right dialogue in the CRM and assess it.

5.2 Segment your contacts.

You can build communication strategies for each contact group by creating dynamic segments using segmentation by events. You can add different conditions based on the responses you receive.

Conditions for segment building

Regular surveys can help you identify growth points and weaknesses of your business. You may want to pay attention to product or service quality or review the bonus system for employees who contribute to customer loyalty. eSputnik helps automate your customer research and eventually improve customer satisfaction and retention.

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