Creation of Web Push Notification


Push notification is a small informational window that pops up in the browser window and allows you to communicate with the client online.

Setting up

To start sending push notifications, you need to configure the collection of your client's addresses (hereinafter referred to as the push-token). In the eSputnik system, push-token configuration takes only a few minutes.

For this you need:

  • Go to the Settings;
  • Select the Push section;
  • Click on the "Connect website"


  • Fill in the site title, upload image, register a project with Google application, enter the obtained number and the API key;
  • Copy received script on the tab “Script generation” and paste it to your website before the closing tag </head>;

Now you can send mass push messages and create scenarios based on the push token.

Mass Mailing

Create a mass emailing in 3 clicks:

  • Click the "Add new push message" button

  • Input push notification Title and Text

  • Select Segment of subscribers, and set notification settings, click “Start immediately” button.

Trigger mailing

You can configure the trigger campaign by which push notification will be sent to the client as a result of the occurrence of an event. Triggering events can be different.

Let's consider an example of the condition "I want to send a push notification to those, who confirmed the subscription." It is really easy to implement:

  • Go to Scenarios - “Add new scenario”

  • Drop’n’drag a push notification block to the scenario, specify its settings, and save it.

  • Set the trigger condition.


  • Run the scenario.

Now every client who subscribed to push notifications on your site will receive push notifications.

Linking a contact to the web push tokens

One of the questions that worries a push notification sender - how to bind to the “faceless” web push token information regarding the actual client: to know his name, phone, email, in order to use personalization in the messages.

The answer is very simple and already implemented in our system. Collect tokens via eSputnik and you will be able to send personalized push messages, to those customers who have not received an email or create for yourself any convenient scenario that matches your business logic. By the way, more than 20% of all push-tokens in our system have an attached email contact or phone number.