Creation of SMS

In order to create a new message, click on Add new SMS button.

Fill in Name and, if necessary, add a tag to make it easier to find the message in the system on the same principle as in your email newsletters.

The alpha-name or the sender name will be displayed to your subscribers while receiving messages.

Leave a request for a name change to our experts by clicking on the Add button, but note that the alpha-name can contain only Latin letters, numbers and hyphen, and may not be larger than 11 characters.

The SMS editor allows you to add personalization, and also to test the messages by sending them to any convenient number.

IMPORTANT! The number of characters in one part of the SMS in Cyrillic is equal to 70, while message in Latin can contain 160 characters. If your SMS in Latin gets at least one Cyrillic letter, the number of allowed characters for one part will be 70, not 160 characters.

At the bottom of the editor, you can find out how many parts your message consists of.