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Main concepts

eSputnik email editor satisfies needs of professional layout designer, as well as marketing specialist, who doesn’t work in HTML, but who wants to create a nice and correct email.

Change Mail reply to, if you want to direct responses not to the sender, but to other convenient email address.

Users check mail on different devices. They open your emails on mobiles, tablets and desktop computers. To ensure efficiency of email we have implemented email subject assistant, which shows number of characters which will be displayed on each device.

Test several themes, and select the one, which works more efficiently according to report.

Pre-header is a text following subject line in email client. Its main objective is to catch user’s eye. If there is no pre-header in email, email text goes right after subject line.

Message in email editor is divided into blocks. You can add blocks from hundreds of templates, copy, delete, edit, move or replace them by other templates.

Every block with text can be edited in text editor: select text, change its color, style, font size, insert link or personalization.

Images in blocks are edited in image editor. It is possible to insert images from images saved earlier, as well as from file. You need to specify image size manually (width and height), some text, link and event.

Every block is edited separately both in visual editor and html-editor to save email layout. You don’t need any customized applications for work in html on desktop computer if it is used only for email layout.

Some email clients send emails without images and subscribers need to click Display images in email. eSputnik editor allows to view email without images with no need to send it to test email address and to disable images with plugins for browsers (if you used to use them).

Send test emails to any convenient email address not adding it to “Contacts” and completing all required campaign stages.

Use check-list not to miss important items of email creation.

Frequently asked questions

Quick assistance in email layout

The first impression is very important. In campaigns the first impression is formed by a sender. When email is received, the first thing recipients usually do is checking sender’s field, after that they decide whether to open email or not.

The next important factor is email’s subject. Subjects can be different: short, those which reflect best practices and even emotional. Recent trend is to add colourful special symbols in subject line. The best way to check whether it increases opening rate or not is to test it.

A nice email layout is important for sales and communication with clients. Follow simple rules in email template layout to ensure that your email looks nice on most devices and in different browsers.

For better readability use fonts already available in our system: Arial, Tahoma, Verdana etc. If you select other fantasy fonts, the chances that your users won’t see the text correctly are quite high.

A well-matching image can have much greater communicative role than a whole passage. There are some hidden traps in image layouting in emails, however we are sure that you will handle them with no effort.

Encourage your clients to act. Add CТА buttons in email to be clear what you expect from your client. You can use ready button in the system. In this case all you need to do is to add text on the button and specify link to required page.

Please note: your clients don’t always read emails vertically down, they may just follow accents in email. Before campaign launch check your email: maybe it is necessary to add some eye-catching elements or to delete something.

Do you need more?

Make an attractive offer to your subscribers. You can use our ideas tested through practice. Promotional offers won’t bring you much profit, however they drive more visitors to website.

In our system there is automatic UTM-tagging used to track your clients’ actions in Google analytics by your emails. In this way it is easier to compare campaigns and to estimate which campaign has been more efficient.

Campaigns sometimes look boring or monotonous? We have 100+ ideas for testing in email campaigns, that is enough for a year or even more:)

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