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SMS is 5 times faster than email broadcasting. It perfectly fits super urgent messages: reminders and news.

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    Create text messages in advance and schedule it to send at any time!

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  • 3Personalize the message

    The system automatically fills in the recipient's name in the message, if you want. This will make the SMS more personal, and therefore more effective.


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Supported formats: xls, xlsx, csv or txt.

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Prices on Bulk SMS Marketing

  • SMS is a high-precision customer communication channel. Additional targeting based on geography, interests etc. allows achieving maximum effect.

    Pricing plans for the region
    • United States
    • European Union
    • Ukraine
    • Russia
    • Kazakhstan
    • Other

      External Gateway

    SMS can be sent out via External SMS Gateway. eSputnik will process messages and transfer them on your behalf according to marketing campaign settings.

    Try it. Get 10 free SMS! Register
    Try it. Get 10 free SMS! Register

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Unique opportunities with eSputnik

  • Combine SMS messages to other sales channels

    We also use other communication channels (email campaigns, web push notifications, instant messages, and more), which allows clients to fill in the information space more efficiently!

  • What purposes is used for sending SMS-based clients for?

    Holiday greetings, messages about promotions, news and changes in work, announcements of events, the completion of the shares, regeneration of inactive customers, clients' personal alert.

  • Bulk SMS marketing works great for:

    Online stores, flower and wedding salons, clubs, theaters, entertainment venues, travel agencies, banks, courses and children's clubs, car dealerships, restaurants and cafes.

  • Increase efficiency by segmentation the database

    Want to make your SMS campaigns more targeted and to lower the delivery cost? Segment your base, separate, for example, men and women living in New York and beyond. You can download any customer data in our service eSputnik and segment contacts on 50+ conditions!

  • Test your SMS campaign

    Before sending SMS to the main segment, check how the message will look like on your phone, make sure that the text and sender name are correct. Just one click to test your SMS!

  • Make SMS campaigns on behalf of your company

    Create with our help, one or more alpha-names for your company that will be substituted in the line "From". In the case of smartphones, it is the first thing the recipient sees. It is an alpha-name effect on his/her decision - to read the message or not.

  • Use bulk SMS sender anytime and anywhere using an eSputnik mobile application!

    eSputnik app for your smartphone lets you conduct SMS marketing at any time! You will be able to provide to your clients all the latest news instantly. All you need is the access to the Internet.

  • Reactivate clients via SMS

    The returned user is more valuable than a new one. Create any scripts of automated messages of individual messages or bulk SMS and Email sending to your clients, responding to their actions or inactivity (for example, if the previous message has not been read).

  • Send the SMS about news and promotions, events and other news of your company at a price several times lower than that of the operators

    We cooperate with best Mobile operators from all the world, that’s why we guarantee instant delivery of up to 99% of the messages. Our rates are built in such a way that the more SMS you decide to order, the lower the cost per message, and therefore - larger profits.

Do you want to know more?

SMS Campaign - is a very effective channel that allows you to communicate urgent and important information

  • Reach more customers! Up to 90% recipients read incoming SMS

  • SMS guarantees more attention to your message

  • Return On Investments in this channel is over 400%

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  • In our business, the effectiveness of email marketing campaigns is very important, because sending emails to people is the primary way to communicate to them about our conferences and direct them to our site. Also, with our clientele so diverse, we needed to identify and target our emails to a specific group of recipients. While some messages can certainly be sent to the whole list, it’s more effective if the messaging was targeted at the interest of the potential attendee accordingly. Of Course, it had been taking huge amount of time and required professional skills.
    Kenji Shimabukuro
    Director of Operations
  • Email marketing is an essential part of our business:) It helps flexibly respond to our customers' needs by conducting surgical sales promotions. Equally high priorities for us are statistics and subscribers' behavior analysis. There are all necessary features in eSputnik. If I am asked what ESP service to choose I will answer — eSputnik.
    Nikita Kovalenko
    Епіцентр К
  • We use eSputnik along with CRM to trigger messages aimed at recurrency and cross-selling and mass mailing of promo offers for our subscribers. The most necessary features in eSputnik are personalization, good API and convenient block editor. Our service gathers children audience, movie and TV-show fans, as well as TV watchers. For each cohort we try to find our own communication tone, make our messages the most personalized and full of useful information for each particular subscriber.
    Oleksandr Kurdiuk
    Deputy Marketing Director
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A few more important details

  • We care about your customers and we don't send commercial SMS in the night (8PM-8AM) 

  • Each SMS includes 160 latin symbols and less in other alphabets (e.g. 80 in cyrilic). When exceeded, message is sent in parts. Price is set per part. So pay attention to it planning your budget!

  • Plan campaigns in advance! It might take upto 4 weeks to get Alpha-name approved by local mobile carrier.

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