Tariff plans for the region
  • United States
  • European Union
  • Ukraine
  • Russia
  • Kazakhstan
  • Other
  • We offer three types of email marketing pricing plans which differ in their degree of our involvement in your process. You can choose what is most appropriate in your case. These three offers are based on the most popular support requests from our clients.

    • Launch Pad


      Includes a necessary complex of messages, scenarios, and tools for contacts growth to start email marketing quickly.

    • Flight to the Stars


      Turnkey email marketing campaigns based on scientific approach principles. Generating Hypothesis, Testing, Improving and... Making More Money.

    • Mission Control Center


      We train your staff to work with the System, help implement best practices, hold regular consultations with our email-marketing experts.

    Should you need an individual package of services that is inline with your business requirements, feel free to contact our sales team at sales@eSputnik.com.