Clients’ feedback about email and SMS marketing service eSputnik

I have got acquainted with eSputnik agency for about one year ago at the seminar “Email Marketing 2.0” which I liked. I have got systematic, understandable and enhance information about how to do marketer messages. We have tried to compose messages in eSputnik system after the seminar. We have found the system intuitive understandable and easy in use: it is simple to compose the messages, edit them, make experiences with different subjects, content, to import new contacts etc. Moreover we can see the messages statistics: which of them are working or not so. We have seen that we can earn money on Email Marketing. It is important to have a plan and make messaging in time and regularly. We have had difficulties with it. We need time and specialist who can write marketer messages for composing and sending messages. We hadn’t such resources and that’s why we have decided to contact eSputnik and to order messaging composing in this agency. Their specialists have understood our specific and created steady promotion channel with good ROI. Except Emails we have begun to use eSputnik system for sending SMS messages to the clients (we are sending information from downloaded orders). We are satisfied with this function: we have tested it a lot and all messages are delivered every time. So, good system, good Agency. It is that occasion when we can recommend eSputnik for sure.
Helen Melnichenko, English jewelery Inch of Gold

I have heard about eSputnik at first at the conference on May 24, 2014. I have been interested in your system because of your client-oriented approach, high level of clients behaviour understanding.

I am working with eSputnik system since recent time. However working with it during several months I have noticed that the messages level have been growth, we are getting positive clients feedback what have been influenced on our company image and sales. eSputnik specialists got acquainted me with the Marketing World as not just a communication tool with the client just as new opportunity to increase clients loyalty to our company, creativity and individual qualities.

The main system feature is that we can show creativity and compose a lot of message variants due to different blocks. Also your specialists always respond on all requests what helps to send messages fast and qualitative.

I advise you to add several blocks those will make your messages brighter, more creative and memorable.

I will recommend your system to all of my friends and colleagues. Moreover am planning to work just with you in future.

Alyona, MD-Fashion

When we asked our e-Commerce web-site analyst about what service from the 3 most popular ones at this moment to choose for work, the answer was: eSputnik - It i s familiar and understandable. That’s why we have chosen it.
Electronic Marketing helps us in business. It helps us to respond on the customer's’ needs, and to organize and manage different offers. Reporting and subscribers management is important for us too.
We have all the necessary functions that we need. But if you were to add such a feature as thought- reading, it will be cool. If someone were to ask me what system to choose - I would recommend yours as flexible and client-oriented with good web-site functionality.

Kovalenko Nikita, Nova Linia
The important system features: convenient contacts import, good statistics, fast enough sending. Also, I would like to mention the next moments: web-site usability, pricing politics and reliability to the service. Web-site eSputnik has been developed on high-level with care. Company administration has met me halfway, giving me the 1st emails testing the service. Prices are not the cheapest at the market, but it is worth it. The difference as between Mercedes and Chinese auto… I have work experience with many Ukrainian services, so I ought to call to some of them pleading them to send the second part of messaging. There are no such situations here. Great technical support. There was just one situation but the problem has been solved in half an hour when the tech specialists called me back. We advise your service to our friends and partners.
Stanislav Shapirenko, Marketing agency  «Artmir»

Earlier, we sent SMS from the simple phone. Then, we decided to find a cheaper way, and we found you through an online search. Among other things, we use SMS for reminding our clients about restaurant offers. The most useful tool for us is the opportunity to send personalized SMS including the name of the person, to plan messaging campaigns, and even to congratulate clients on their Birthday. We would also like to mention the effectiveness of problem solving - on a higher level. Our guests have asked about your service. I have recommended you and will recommend you in the future. Our top management are satisfied with your service, for all the work that you do for us and more importantly for all the pleasant communication :)

Alexandr, Communication specialist for the restaurant

Choosing your service we have liked your interface and flexible prices. Moreover, calling to you - I have heard an unusual name Levon and it is cool :) Also, I like that you are very attentive to the clients and helpful. I have felt more confident, knowing that if I cannot do something you will try to solve my problem. We have good enough base and we direct work with our clients. The most important system element for me is understandable analytics. Also, I think that scheduled messages are very useful despite of that I haven’t used it.

Helen Bojko, marketing and PR specialist for AvtoA and Praga-Avto (Petrovka)

As for me, great technical support and flexible settings are your key to success! I have already recommended your service to all of my colleagues but I don’t know if they’ve used it or not. And how can I stop myself from recommending eSputnik? You guys work like a swiss watch and have a lot of advantages. Thanks for doing a great job, guys!Everything is greatl. The most important thing for me is that the letters identified as spam don’t increase. All things being equal, let’s develop electronic mailing through eSputnik :)

Nick, «Nash product»

We heard about this service at an email-marketing workshop. Email marketing with eSputnik is a very effective tool without the need of making a huge investment. Also, it is a very easy and user-friendly system to work with. Sometimes, there are difficulties with marked-up letters, but the support team helps to solve all these problems in no time. It is with great pleasure that we recommend this service to other companies!

Margarita Roktanen, communication specialist for Winner Avtomotiv

There are no substitute for eSputnik for us! Everything in convenient: dashboard, client-oriented approach, and the professional consultation by their specialists. SMS and Email Marketing helps us in the business. Some of the most important system peculiarities are reliability, information safety and interface accessibility! Besides this, it is the original approach to everything- even the fine details. Special thanks to the personnel and all of the specialists with whom we have worked. Without exception, they have shown us the highest level of professionalism. We will definitely recommend you!

Julia Geogrieva, specialist marketing and advertising department Ltd. «Dzerman Autocentre»
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