SMS Marketing prices

for Ukrainefor Russia
SMS per month up to 1 000 up to 5 000 up to 25 000 up to 100 000 max  
Price per SMS 0,26 uah 1 rub. 60 kop. 0,0104 USD 0,25 uah 1 rub. 50 kop. 0,01 USD 0,245 uah 1 rub. 48 kop. 0,0098 USD 0,24 uah 1 rub. 45 kop. 0,0096 USD 0,238 uah 1 rub. 40 kop. 0,00952 USD  

Other countries

It can be sent to any other country . Prices are discussed individually.

Would you like private tariff?
+380 95 50-80-422+7 495 204 15 06+1 914 495 1740
The first 10 messages are for
Sending SMS messages is done by letter
(Alpha) of senders name .


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