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Deliver tailored push notifications right to your users’ Android and iOS devices.

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Take advantage of push notifications as a way to communicate with mobile app users

Give a boost to the ROI of your mobile app

9.6 times

higher probability of purchase within the app


increase in average order value

Send automated push notifications based on the detailed user behavior data

eSputnik will enable you to leverage all user interactions with your brand. You’ll be able to find the best time and content to acquire and retain customers through your mobile app.

Best Practices for Push Notifications:

Welcome messages to new app users

Tips for using the app

Product recommendations for upselling and cross-selling

Personal discounts to encourage purchases and re-engagement

Information on product range and app updates

Wishlist alerts and notifications

The benefits of push notifications with eSputnik

Send automated, targeted push campaigns as part of your omnichannel marketing strategy. Automate your workflows with little to no coding required.




Personalize your mobile push messages based on the detailed data about every user, including:

  • product preferences,
  • OS type (Android or iOS),
  • average order value,
  • demographic data,
  • location.

Boost users’ engagement with your app through relevant and timely content.


Use push notifications to enhance other channels and increase your brand’s reach and retention. Step up your marketing strategy to communicate with each customer through the right channel, at the right time. This will help you improve customer experience and save costs on retention marketing.

With eSputnik, you’ll be able to add mobile push notifications to automated workflows where they will work together with email, Viber, text messages and web push notifications.

Create, send, analyze and optimize all your marketing communications for better results

Analyze your push campaigns to discover the best-performing marketing approaches and optimize your entire marketing strategy.

eSputnik will provide you with detailed reports on the key performance indicators for your push campaigns.

You’ll be able to track:
- push notifications sent out,
- push notifications delivered to the users,
- link clicks,
- delivery errors.

eSputnik ensures your push notifications will get delivered even if the app is inactive / not running and the device is locked.

Push notifications for mobile devices boast high open rates (50-90%) and get opened almost immediately. Tailored push notifications serve as a perfect tool to keep in touch with your customers and prospects, grab their attention and encourage user retention.

The most cost-efficient mobile marketing channel

Pricing plans for the region
  • United States
  • European Union
  • Ukraine
  • Russia
  • Kazakhstan
  • Other

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64 USD/month

10 000 device tokens

Unlimited push notifications

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eSputnik offers custom pricing to large-scale businesses with more than 250,000 device tokens. Contact us for an individual pricing plan to suit your enterprise needs.

Leverage push notifications and in-app messages to inform users about special deals and offers, promote your product and services and deliver valuable content they will love.


We’re very happy with our partnership with eSputnik.
We use the service to send push notifications to our customers’ mobile apps. The team is very responsive and keen in helping us meet all our business objectives.




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