Glossary of Email Marketing

  • Performance Indicators
  • KPI
  • ROI
  • ROMI
  • CLV / LTV
  • Conversion
  • Conversion Rate
  • Email Campaign Metrics
  • Open Rate
  • CTR
  • CTOR
  • Error Rate
  • Complaint Rate
  • Bounce Rate
  • Campaigns and Tools
  • GA
  • UTM Tags
  • A/B Testing
  • Control Group
  • API
  • CRM
  • ERP
  • Email Design
  • CTA
  • Web Version of an Email
  • HTML Email
  • Plain Text Email
  • Image Alt Text
  • HTML Email Design
  • Preheader
  • Above the Fold
  • Banner Blindness
  • Eye Tracking
  • Hero Shot
  • Thank-You-Page
  • Third-Party Certification Quality Mark
  • Segmentation
  • Binary Analysis
  • RFM
  • Cohort Analysis
  • Empathy Map
  • Personalization
  • Types of Marketing Emails
  • Promotional Email
  • Newsletter
  • Triggered email
  • Transaction
  • Transactional Email
  • Welcome Email
  • Up-selling
  • Cross-selling
  • Abandoned Cart Email
  • Email Series
  • Attraction of Users
  • Landing Page
  • Subscription form
  • Email Deliverability
  • Spam
  • Spam Trap
  • Double Opt-In
  • Double Opt-out
  • Sender Policy Framework
  • Sender ID
  • Domain Keys Identified Mail
Performance Indicators
Key Performance Indicator

A set of quantifiable measures used to assess a company’s business performance over time. These metrics are used to determine a company's progress in achieving its strategic and operational goals, and also to compare company's finances and performance against other businesses within its industry.

Return on Investment

A performance measure used to evaluate the efficiency of an investment or to compare the efficiency of a number of different investments.

Return on Marketing Investment

A metric used to measure the effectiveness of a marketing campaign.

Customer lifetime value

The total profit a business makes from a given customer over the entire period of their relationship.

Analysis of Data in E-Marketing. Part 3 : Cohort Analysis and LTV
Case Study: Predictive Segmentation Helps RetouchMe Retain High-Value Customers and Improve Average LTV

The point at which a recipient of a marketing message performs a desired action (a click on a link, registration, a sign-up, a purchase, an order, etc,).

Google Analytics: How to Track Email Campaign Conversion
Conversion Rate

The percentage of visitors who take a desired action.

5 Tips on How to Use Email Automation to Improve Conversion Rates

Email Campaign Metrics
Open Rate

A measure of how many recipients opened an email divided by the total number of emails delivered.

Special Characters in the Email Subject Line: Do You Really Need Them?
7 Email marketing metrics that matter
Click-Through Rate

The percentage of people who clicked on a link within an email divided by the total number of emails delivered.

Click-to-Open Rate

The percentage of people who clicked on a link divided by the total number of emails opened.

Error Rate

The percentage of delivery errors divided by the number of emails sent.

Complaint Rate

The percentage of spam complaints divided by the number of emails sent.

Bounce Rate

The percentage of emails that failed to reach the recipient divided by the number of emails sent: hard bounces are caused by invalid email address; soft bounces are caused by temporary delivery problems.

10 Best Email List Validation Services

Campaigns and Tools
Google Analytics

A freemium web analytics service offered by Google to track and analyse website traffic.

Google Analytics: How to Track Email Campaign Conversion
UTM Tags

Five optional URL parameters used by marketers to track the effectiveness of online marketing campaigns across traffic sources and publishing media.

How to Use UTM Tags in Emails
A/B Testing
Split Testing

A marketing experiment in which a contact list is split into several groups, and each group receives different marketing content (for example, subject line) – to determine which type of content generates the highest conversion rate.

Control Group

A subgroup of the customers you're targeting with a particular campaign who you decide will not receive the campaign.

Reactivation Campaigns or How to “Wake Up” a Client
Application Programming Interface

A software intermediary that allows two applications to communicate with each other.


The principles, practices, and guidelines that an organization follows when interacting with its customers.

Enterprise Resource Planning

An integrated software-supported system designed to systemize and unify the main functional areas of a company’s business processes.

Email Design

A prompt that tells the user to take a certain action (buy, leave a review, follow the link, sign up, etc.).

Effective Email CTAs that Generate Clicks: Useful Tips & Great Examples
Web Version of an Email

An HTML display of an email that can be viewed as a web page.

HTML Email

A coded format of an email template that allows to add and edit text and images.

Plain text email vs HTML. A new trend or well-established practice: what is more effective?
Plain Text Email

An email template with regular text only, with no formatting options.

Image Alt Text

Alternative text for pictures — the text that appears in place of the image if it cannot be displayed for any reason.

The Right Ways of Email Image Processing
HTML Email Design

Using the HTML code to create an email template.

Litmus, Email on Acid… Where to Test Emails Before Sending

The short summary text that follows the subject line when the email is viewed in the inbox.

Above the Fold

The top part of an email that is visible without scrolling.

Banner Blindness

A phenomenon in web usability when website visitors to a website consciously or subconsciously ignore banner-format information.

Eye Tracking

A measurement of the movement of the user's point of gaze on the web page.

Hero Shot

A visual representation, generally a photo or a video, of the benefits of a company’s product or service within a particular campaign.


A web page that appears after the user has submitted an order or subscribed to a campaign.

16 Secrets of Effective Post-Purchase Email Marketing
Third-Party Certification Quality Mark

The logo of a third party which indicates that a product, process or service is in conformity with certain standards.

Binary Analysis

The principle of dividing the audience by the frequency of useful actions made.

Forecasting User Activity Using Machine Learning and R Language
Recency, Frequency, Monetary Value

A marketing analysis tool used to identify a company’s best customers by measuring certain factors.

RFM Segmentation
Analysis of Data in E-Marketing. Part 2: RFM Segmentation
Practical RFM analysis to increase repeat sales
Cohort Analysis

A study that focuses on the activities of a particular cohort. A cohort is a group of people who share a common characteristic over a certain period of time.

Analysis of Data in E-Marketing. Part 3 : Cohort Analysis and LTV
Empathy Map

A tool that helps visualize data on the targeted audience behavior and understand their preferences.


Designing a campaign to target a certain customer by including in it the data available on such customers.

The Benefits of Dynamic Product Recommendations in Emails
Triggered Emails: How to Increase Conversions and Keep Customers Coming Back

Types of Marketing Emails
Promotional Email

An email that offers new or exclusive goods and is mainly focused on driving purchases.

How Revised Promo Campaigns Stimulated Revenue Growth by 44% in Five Months

An email that contains news on the company’s recent activities and product-focused content.

What Makes a Good Newsletter: Effective Practices & Great Examples

Сompletion of a purchase when its price is paid via any payment method.

16 Secrets of Effective Post-Purchase Email Marketing
Transactional Email

An email triggered by a user’s interaction with a website or an app.

16 Secrets of Effective Post-Purchase Email Marketing
Welcome Email

An email first sent after a subscription or registration to welcome a new subscriber.

Engaging Welcome Emails: Best Practices with Great Examples

A sales technique used to invite a customer to spend more by buying an upgraded or premium version of the recent purchase.


A sales technique used to invite a customer to spend more by buying products complementary or related to the recent purchase.

Abandoned Cart Email

An email sent to users who added items to their cart but did not complete the purchase. It serves as both a reminder and an invitation to complete the purchase.

Why clients abandon carts?
Email Series

A time-based email sequence consisting of several emails sent with some intervals or after a particular action taken by a user.

Attraction of Users
Landing Page

A campaign-specific web page a user goes to after clicking on an internal or external CTA.

20 Well-Designed Landing Page Examples and What Makes Them So Great
Subscription form

A form with gaps that are to be filled in order to sign up for receiving certain campaigns.

How to create a perfect subscription form
How to Add a Subscribe Form to Your Facebook Page

Email Deliverability
Unsolicited commercial email

Unwanted emails sent to a large number of recipients who have not subscribed to receive them.

How to Avoid Spam Complaints
Case Study: American Retail Company Manages to Unspam in Gmail
Spam Trap

A fake email address aimed to identify spam senders and block emails from them.

Double Opt-In

An additional procedure aimed to confirm email subscription. Once a user fills in a sign-up form, a confirmation email is automatically sent to the specified email address asking to verify it and confirm the subscription.

Why do we need Double Opt-In?
Double Opt-out

An additional procedure aimed to confirm email unsubscription. Once a user opts to sign out, a confirmation email is automatically sent to asking to confirm unsubscription.

Sender Policy Framework

An authentication protocol used by recipient sites to verify that the originating IP address is authorized to send email for the domain name declared in the “MAIL FROM” line of the mail envelope. SPF is used to identify messages with forged “MAIL FROM” addresses.

Sender ID

An authentication protocol used to verify that the originating IP address is authorized to send email for the domain name declared in the visible “From” or “Sender” lines of the email message.

Domain Keys Identified Mail

Cryptographic authentication solutions that add signatures to email messages, allowing recipient sites to verify that the message was sent by an authorized sender and was not altered in transit.

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