Clients’ feedback about email and SMS marketing service eSputnik

  • In our business, the effectiveness of email marketing campaigns is very important, because sending emails to people is the primary way to communicate to them about our conferences and direct them to our site. Also, with our clientele so diverse, we needed to identify and target our emails to a specific group of recipients. While some messages can certainly be sent to the whole list, it’s more effective if the messaging was targeted at the interest of the potential attendee accordingly. Of Course, it had been taking huge amount of time and required professional skills. We were looking for not only a system, which can give us all the tools we need to craft messages and design scenarios but also a partner to run effective bulk emailing in a short amount of time. Thus we decided to try eSputnik system together with eSputnik Agency service.

    The result fully satisfies us. Although there are some delays in communications, because of the difference in the time zones, in general the work moves quickly. eSputnik fully covers all the work regarding Email channel.  It’s a pleasure working with the design team to create a simple and effective message to our potential customer base.That made my job easier and gave me the possibility to concentrate on marketing strategy and the other channels!
    Kenji Shimabukuro
    Director of Operations
  • Email marketing is an essential part of our business:) It helps flexibly respond to our customers' needs by conducting surgical sales promotions. Equally high priorities for us are statistics and subscribers' behavior analysis. There are all necessary features in eSputnik. If I am asked what ESP service to choose I will answer — eSputnik.
    Nikita Kovalenko
    Епіцентр К
  • We use eSputnik along with CRM to trigger messages aimed at recurrency and cross-selling and mass mailing of promo offers for our subscribers. The most necessary features in eSputnik are personalization, good API and convenient block editor. Our service gathers children audience, movie and TV-show fans, as well as TV watchers. For each cohort we try to find our own communication tone, make our messages the most personalized and full of useful information for each particular subscriber.
    Oleksandr Kurdiuk
    Deputy Marketing Director
  • Installing a push notification data collection code took the minimum amount of time. The installation process is easy and clear. This is a new channel for us, and works relatively not too long. Transactions were carried out almost from the first mailings.
  • We have chosen eSputnik because of its combination of flexibility, scalability, and client-oriented approach. The most important thing for us in eSputnik system is an opportunity to follow subscribers' mood, thus adapting our actions depending on their behavior. Another important point is the maximum automation of all processes connected with email campaigns. We confidently recommend eSputnik as a reliable partner in omnichannel messaging.
    Sergei Gordienko
  • “It was very simple to introduce!  The manual by eSputnik was simple and straightforward. The introduction process took about 7-10 minutes. The base is still growing. But it is obvious that this is a very useful tool in the future.
    Denys Arysmiatov
  • Push notifications channel complements online communication with clients and expands opportunities. Due to the simplicity of the entrance, it shows a good increase in subscription at times better than regular emails. There is no sense to configure multiple platforms, because communication with clients must be multi-channel with the ability to step-action.
    Evgeniy Krechetovich
    Marketing Executive

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