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The “View in browser” link allows mailing recipients to see the email exactly as you make it up.

“If you have trouble reading email, view it in a browser”. This link should be added to each newsletter, so that users see the correct version of the email, regardless of their mail programs.

Each online mail client has its own features and rules for displaying emails. Therefore, it is necessary that all users have the opportunity to open an email in the browser.

Statistics on the number of clicks on the link “View in browser” is a good indicator of the quality of the email and shows how many percent of the recipients could not read the message in their email services.

There are a large number of technical recommendations on how to make up a newsletter for the majority of email clients, below are some of them:

The HTML editor in eSputnik helps to avoid basic HTML layout errors.

If you want to know exactly how the email will look in different services, use such services as Litmus or Email on Acid.

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