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SMS Marketing

Use SMS Marketing for the fast getting information to the clients for the reminders, greetings and purchase/order support.

смс рассылка

SMS campaign – is the quickest and most available method of messaging information to your clients, buyers, employees. Approximately 90% of receivers already read incoming SMS. SMS campaign is especially effective for reminding to clients about discounts/sales, congratulations and accompanying their purchase/order.

SMS campaign is realized for numbers of any mobile operator in Ukraine (Beeline, PEOPLEnet, Kyivstar, Djuice, МТС, JEANS, Life:)), Russia (Beeline, MegaPhone, MTC, Jeans, Sky link), and also of other countries. High speed and delivery percent allow informing your addressees quickly. Taking care of your clients, we don’t send SMS during night time from 21:00 till 8:00, these parameters can be changed in individual order. A detailed report about campaigns can help to analyze campaign quality and examine urgency of your database.

SMS campaign services for business are rated by the quantity of parts in the message. One part of SMS contains 160 Latin or 70 Cyrillic symbols. Over indicated limit, the tariff is counted as for two, three or more messages. Message editor represents the quantity of typed symbols and SMS parts.

In order to save money, some people use transliteration, and it is difficult to read such text. If you nevertheless will decide to “torture” your recipients, remember that when typing in Latin it is necessary not to copy but retype each symbol. If there will be at least one Cyrillic symbol – the system will count whole text as Cyrillic and cost for SMS can increase.

Always make text campaign. Carefully read the text on your phone and check the quantity of SMS parts.

Benefits of SMS campaign:

  • Using Alpha name. The name of your company is indicated instead of sender number;
  • Personification and personalization of messages. Addressing to addressee by name, personal discounts to their birthday, etc.;
  • Planning time and date for automatic sending SMS, control of messages and addressees quantity;
  • High sending speed in comparison with free of charge services;
  • Economically in comparison with other types of advertisement, except email;
  • Direct information delivery to client;
  • SMS can be kept on your phone longer than another advertisement, and it can be re-sent to friends.
  • For example, message about the party in nightclub;
  • Company awareness owing to constant reminding about it.

eSputnik service is provided both for mass SMS campaign to clients in your database, and for the individual. Flexible contacts managing gives the possibility to control blacklist, eliminate repeated numbers, make a selective campaign.

Mass SMS campaign will be well fitted for:

  • Notifying about realized arrangements, actions, discounts, special offers, sales;
  • Advertising notification about update of goods or services assortment;
  • Congratulating clients with Birthday and other holidays;
  • Simultaneous notifying of a big quantity of contacts, setting up parties, seminars, etc.

Use SMS notifications in complex with email campaigns via Internet, social networks, for site supporting – this is how your advertisement with becoming significantly more effective.

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