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It's very easy to customize scenarios using the drag'n'drop editor with an intuitive interface.

Email marketing automation eSputnik constantly improves the creation of email sсenarios. Because this is the most effective tool for turning leads into clients, and for working with already existing customers.

A scenario is an algorithm for sending a series of emails that are triggered by an event, trigger. The trigger usually refers to a specific contact, for example — registration, click on a link, abandoned cart, etc. Therefore, the scenarios are individual. Instead of sending a bulk mailing, you build communication with the client, personalize your interaction.

How to make it depends on you. You can find many examples of emails on the internet — be inspired! The goal of eSputnik is to free you from the routine and to make the entire technical part of the project as inconspicuous as possible. Only a marketer and a flight of his fancy.

You don't need to be able to program or know HTML. You can easily and convenient use with our platform:

  • welcome emails;
  • abandoned carts; abandoned views;
  • personal reactivation emails;
  • notification of a price reduction;
  • recommendations.

At your disposal — a unique eSputnik's drag`n`drop editor for scenarios. With its help, it's easy to build a map of interaction with customers and create any kind of scheme to attract them.

Here is an example of customizing a scenario with a reminder of an abandoned cart:

To create such an email, you just need to:

  • move items from the tabs to the workspace;
  • specify the parameters of the action items;
  • connect the elements; set execution time -
  • ready!

As a result, the email will look like this:

All you need is to design nice your email (with the help of our email editor it's very easy to do).

Connecting alternative channels of communication in the eSputnik system will help to significantly improve the efficiency of the mailing or scenario. In one scenario, you can combine email, SMS, web-push and instant messaging services. This will increase the reach, the conversion and wake up the "sleeping" subscribers. Another possibility that our scenarios give is research experiments in trigger emails. To increase efficiency and test hypotheses about the optimal design of the trigger emails, you need A / B tests. To do this, you can insert the split branch element from the Conditions tab directly to the scenario. It will distribute recipients in the flow and send different types of messages or even different campaigns to different groups. This will improve the accuracy of your email by identifying the specific interests of your subscribers. And, of course, don't forget to congratulate your customers on their birthday — this is an excellent occasion to offer individual discounts and gifts, thus forming your loyal segment. Customize the important for your business emails once, and eSputnik will automatically send them at the right time. Stop doing routine — automate your marketing!

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