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Personalize email and SMS messages, using the first name of the client or mentioning company name where he/she works.

From the first interaction with clients, it is important not only to sell them your services and goods but also try to build trustful relations. Make your marketing strategy more targeted on your subscribers by using personalization of email and SMS campaigns.

Personalization is a powerful mechanism, which allows inserting the personal data about the contact in a general template of an email. For example, one can address each contact by name or refer to the company’s name, in which the contact is working, in the email. If you want your email not to begin with a common phrase “Dear subscriber!”, it is enough to indicate a keyword %FIRSTNAME% by pressing a “Name” button on the panel and a user's name will be automatically added.

How not to make mistakes during email personalization?

Check a name list before loading a database into the system and correct or delete the following:

  • Mistakes in names;
  • Insults;
  • Nicknames;
  • Names with Caps Lock;
  • Surnames.

There are different personalization levels in eSputnik system, beginning with the standard adding of subscriber's name up to more advanced examples, when behavioral data about the consumer are used. The more you know about interests of clients and their behavior, the more exact your relevant offers are and foresight of their future actions, besides you can communicate with them only in proper time for them. Any information about the contact, including additional fields, can be used when personalizing messages of a campaign: Name, Surname, Full name, Date of Birth, Gender, City, etc. Use special convenient menu for quick filling in of personalization fields, where you can choose contacts field that you want to add in the email.

Email personalization in eSpurnik system is provided not only in the email's body but also in the subject. Group name, for which campaign is carried out, can be also indicated as personalization parameters. It is especially convenient when you make a typical campaign of notifying about some kind of an event for the indicated group. In this case, the same message can be sent in the different group and contain unique information.

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