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Messages templates

Use templates for the fast message creation. Just build a structure of the repeated message elements in the drag-and-drop editor.

Use the template for quick creating messages. It will deliver you from a regular writing of recurring elements. Simply fill in the template structure in advance and save it.

Think about the composition of the email: where greetings, image, main text, additional news, contacts, social networks will be located. Draw up form of the email so that when filling in the template it would be necessary to fill in only required text:

  • Underline the image of your firm, draw up one manner of writing and designing emails. You can take logo and corporate style from your site;
  • Fill in prepared phrases that you frequently use, so that not to type them every time;
  • Fill in contact data. Client or partner always needs to have a possibility to communicate with you except emails.

Create different emails templates for a mass email campaign, which will fit a specific case. Don’t limit yourself to one template, but also don’t create an infinite number of them. You will always be able to fix up the template, delete it or create a new one if it is necessary.

For example, for gym administration following different template types will fit:

  • About end of the action for those, who is training for already a year. This message will notify the client in advance about the expiration of action duration and possibility of its prolongation.
  • List of prices for gym services – it will fit for sending to new and present clients.
  • Template without text for those cases of sending individual email, with logo design, corporate style, contact data.

The template will shorten the time of message designing, and also will provide awareness due to the common style of emails.

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